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4 bedroom apartments Amsterdam

Our self-catering 4-bedroom apartment provide a cost effective solution to accommodation within the city of Amsterdam for a large family or group of friends on holiday. All our apartments are stylishly furnished and equipped for comfort making your stay extremely memorable. You will find fully fitted kitchens, versatile living spaces, private bathrooms and separate bedrooms.The extra space can accommodate as many as 8 people comfortably. Our apartments are located in the best neighborhoods of the city in and around the centre of Amsterdam. Whilst no two  apartments in Amsterdam are identical each of our units meets strict standards for quality, safety, and service.

Browse our selection of Amsterdam 4-bedroom apartments, view each apartment’s image gallery, review the amenities unique to each apartment and check out the comments made by recent guests. To check availability simply enter the ideal dates of your holiday in the search bar. Our friendly support team is on hand to help with any questions about renting any of our self catering apartments.

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