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Apartments in the Nine (9) Streets area in Amsterdam

Located in the very heart of Amsterdam’s beautiful canal district, just two minutes’ walk from Dam Square, the Nine Streets make up one of the city’s most unique and delightful shopping areas. These nine parallel streets link each of the four great canals that loop the oldest part of the city. Known locally as ‘De Negen Straatjes’, you will discover the most charming shops and boutiques selling everything from the latest fashion clothing to vintage wear, jewellery, antiques and modern art amongst other things. You will find lovely cafes, trendy restaurants, amazingly unique fashion shops, antique shops and all of this at walking distance from our nine or Amsterdam 9 streets apartments! Look out for the extremely unusual curiosity shops here too. There are also some delicious restaurants and laid back cafes to keep you refreshed on your travels around the city.
From the very beginning these pretty cross streets were a city trading hub. The six larger streets take their names from the animal skin and leather industry and include Berenstraat (Street of Bears) and Wolvenstraat (Street of Wolves). 400 years later it is just as lively and business is thriving more than ever, although the items on sale are more decorative and eclectic. Be sure to look up at the amazing architecture of the buildings since they date back to the 17th century and represent an excellent overview of all the construction styles incorporated in the city.

Our Nine (9) Streets Apartments
We have a wide range of outstanding apartments in the 9 streets area available for hire for your stay in Amsterdam. The unique atmosphere and amazing central location of this neighbourhood is ideal as a base for all your adventures in the city. Simply state the date of your visit at the top of this page and click the search button for 9 street apartment availability information. If you need further assistance or have any questions then please contact our helpful and friendly support team.

Below you find our most popular negen straatjes or 9 streets apartments and a link to all apartments in the 9 streets area in Amsterdam.

Most popular 9 streets apartments

9 streets, shop Rijnstraat, Amsterdam

9 streets, shop Rijnstraat

9 Streets Tips

If you are looking for an unusual and unique gift for loved ones back home or as a souvenir of your visit to Amsterdam then you are most likely to find it here in the Nine Streets district. Don’t worry about trying to remember the names of the individual streets as even local people have problems identifying one from another. People generally use the collective name when referring to somewhere in the area. Indeed their seductive confusion is part of their charm and shopaholics will want to return here more than once.
The district lies just seconds from a handful of the city’s most popular museums including the famous Anne Frank House Museum, the Bible Museum, the charming House Boat Museum, the unusual feline appreciative Cat Museum and one of the two popular Torture Museums in the city.

1. A hearty breakfast at Café Nielsen
2. Creative broodjes (sandwiches) at ‘t Kulyltje
3. Doffer salad and sate at De Doffer
4. Dutch classics at Pancakes! Amsterdam

1. Hot chocolate at De Pels
2. Stiff drinks at retro-themed Wolvenstraat 23
3. Iced Frappacinos at Coffee Company
4. Jenevers at Brix

1. Cool vintage threads at Episode
2. Cheese heaven at De Kaaskamer
3. Wax lyrical at Pontifex candle shop
4. Turntable collectables at Waxwell Records
5. A taste of Mexico at Tikal gift shop.

1. Focus in on the national Museum of Spectacles
2. Mr. Kramer’s puppet, doll and teddy bear hospital
3. Antiquarian literature at Joot Books
4. Floating House Boat Museum