Amsterdam gyms cater to fanatics and the uncommitted

Amsterdam gyms cater to fanatics and the uncommitted

So here’s me telling you about gyms in Amsterdam. I am the last person to do so if my personal experience is anything to go by as I am a novice to gyms. I hate the sweat and the supposed cleanliness of these places where the air alone makes me want to vomit. I prefer to go inline skating along the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal if I want a workout.  


So to source this blogpost, I asked my ex about the gyms he’s been to in Amsterdam. He’s a journalist-turned-PR-man so your typical gym bunny. “I have got one word for your tourists,” he says, “Splash.”  It happens to be the hippest centrally located gym for people with lots of dosh. The name suggests a pool but that’s not the case. Still  it’s a gym which is believed to be one of the best in town and temporary memberships for tourists are possible, so long as you pay up.


Weekly passes for way less money are also available at Health Club Jordaan  , also centrally located. This would be the only gym I would possibly consider going to myself. It offers ‘no-commitment’ options and is one of the few to do so. And another really good thing is there’s a natural supplement shop in the gym with decent raw chocolate and vegan protein powder. Definitely the sort of joint for all-natural people.


Another way around the membership obstacle when you’re visiting Amsterdam for a short stay is to buy a One Fit  card and find gyms that participate in this scheme. There are plenty about. One Fit allows you to use credits when you work out, so you end up paying between a fiver and 15 euros for a visit to the gym.

Like in the UK, most Amsterdam gyms are accessible for a trial session, but you’ll have to pretend you live in Amsterdam rather than only visiting the place.  


In case you hate doing that, just pop into a Fit for Free gym, of which there are three in Amsterdam. These are like Easyjet among the airline companies; no frills, they’re absolutely accessible for all people all the time, you don’t need to commit and don’t need to pay up. The machinery is somewhat focused toward weight lifting and there are a lot of cardio machines too, so I am told.     


If my lacklustre enthusiasm for gyms puts you off because you are a workout fanatic, let me hasten to point out the bootcamp-like venues that’ll work you to death. Cross fit gyms are struggling to gain a following in the Netherlands like they have in the UK, but there’s a few in Amsterdam, including Mobilis Crossfit   and Reebok Crossfit.


Kickboxing your thing? Then you can try the very popular up and coming martial arts gyms. Loads of them around. Gym goers who’ve joined these places are very committed whatever the martial art discipline practised.