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Amsterdam Jordaan apartments

The Jordaan district is located in the western part of the historic city centre of Amsterdam alongside the city’s famous Prinsengracht Canal. The area is made up of a series of pretty parallel streets, many of which have trees and flowers in their names. Indeed it is thought that the name Jordaan might have originally come from the French word ‘jardin’ meaning ‘garden’. Established in the early 17th century, the Jordaan remained for centuries a very poor and overcrowded area. By the 1960s many of the buildings in the area were largely in a state of disrepair following the war and amazingly the city council made pans to actually demolish large parts of the neighbourhood. Following residents’ vociferous protests and outright street battles, the plans were changed and the neighbourhood was restored to its traditional character. Since then this unique district has certainly come into its own with its beautiful architecture, enchanting inner courtyards, traditional ‘brown’ pubs, boutiques and art galleries. It is now one of the most sought after locations to live in the Netherlands and adored by visitors to the city. The Jordaan makes the perfectly location for a short stay in the city. Its central position means you can explore all the major visitor attractions in the city on foot with ease. You can stay here as well! Below you find our most popular Amsterdam Jordaan apartments and a link to all apartments in the Jordaan.

Our Jordaan apartments

We have a full range of extremely stunning Jordaan apartments for you to choose from. Simply state the date of your visit in the search box at the top of the page and click the search button for availability information. If you need further assistance or have any questions then please contact our helpful and friendly support team.

Most popular Amsterdam Jordaan apartments

Jordaan Herenstraat Apartment

Price per night from € 149

Jordaan Herenstraat Apartment is a delightfully furnished and cozy 3-bedroom apartment that generously accommodates up to four guests in the Canal Belt in Amsterdam's historical heart.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 3
Jordaan Laurier Apartment B

Price per night from € 86

Jordaan Laurier Apartment B is a stylish 1-bedroom apartment that offers modern lodgings within Amsterdam’s sought after and picturesque Jordaan district.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 1
Jordaan Laurier Apartment D

Price per night from € 86

Lovely 1-bedroom apartment located in Amsterdam's popular Jordaan disctrict.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 1
Jordaan Laurier Apartment E

Price per night from € 69

Jordaan Laurier Apartment E is a cozy and modern 1-bedroom apartment that accommodates up to two guests and occupies a prime position within the popular Jordaan district of Amsterdam.
  • Max. guests: 2
  • Bedrooms: 1
Jordaan Marnix Apartment A

Price per night from € 162

Jordaan Marnix Apartment A is an elegant 2-bedroom ground floor apartment for up to four guests at the edge of the picturesque Jordaan district.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 2
Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment B

Price per night from € 104

Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment B is a stylish and cozy 2-bedroom city centre apartment within an authentic Amsterdam building in the beautiful Jordaan district.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 2
Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment C

Price per night from € 86

Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment C is a stylish and authentic 1-bedroom apartment accommodating up to four guests within Amsterdam’s sought after Jordaan district.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 1
Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment D

Price per night from € 88

Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment D is a charming and beautifully decorated 1-bedroom apartment, perfectly positioned within Amsterdam’s wonderful Jordaan district near the square Noordermarkt.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 1
Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment F

Price per night from € 83

Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartment F is a welcoming and bright 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of the Jordaan area that makes the perfect Amsterdam base for up to four guests.
  • Max. guests: 4
  • Bedrooms: 1

Egelantiersgracht, Jordaan, Amsterdam

Local Jordaan living

Jordaan tips

The Jordaan boasts many interesting places to explore during your visit. Many people are enthralled by the pretty houseboats on the canals in the area. If you have any questions about life on the water then pay a visit to the House Boat Museum at 296K Prinsengracht. Visitors can climb aboard a pretty House Boat called the Hendrika Maria and find out what it really feels like inside. You will be surprised how spacious and comfortable it really is.

Look out for the interesting stone tablets on the facades of many of the buildings in the area. They denote the professions or the family name of the original inhabitants, some of them dating back to the 16th century. You may notice a carving of a pair of scissors, meaning a tailor or perhaps a pig for a butcher’s establishment. Some of them have been beautifully restored and painted.

On the very edge of the Jordaan you will find the Netherland’s most visited museum, the Anne Frank House Museum at 263 Prinsengracht. Anne, her family and friends lived in secret at the very top of this warehouse building in hiding from the Nazi regime during the war until their unfortunate discovery. Arrive as early as possible in order to avoid the extremely long queues that occur particularly in the summer months.

1. Delicious authentic Tapas at La Oliva restaurant
2. Outstanding Dutch, French and Italian cuisine at Bordewijk restaurant.
3. Organic produce from the Farmer’s market at the Noordemarkt on Saturdays
4. A delicious ‘Prins Burger’ at Café de Prins
5. Apple pie at café Winkel
6. Italian dinner at Toscanini
7. Ice cream at Monte Polmo
8. Dutch candy at Oudhollandsche Snoepwinkel

1. A ‘gezellig’ frothy coffee and cake at Café de Reiger
2. Bitterballen and smoothies at Café Daalder
3. Hot Chocolate at Paradox coffeeshop
4. High Tea at Vesper Bar.
5. Afternoon drinks at Café Finch
6. Jordaan café’s: Café Nol, Twee Zwaanjes, Rooie Nelis

1. Step back in time at I Love Vintage
2. Hire bicycles at Bike City
3. Overdose on denim at Tenue de Nîmes
4. Sample the Cheese Testing Rooms at Reypenaer
5.Marcel Wander’s creative house
6. Vintage market Monday morning
7. T-shirt designs: Your cup of T

1. The informative Cheese Museum
2. The enlightening Museum of Fluorescent Art
3. The magical Pianola Museum
4. The moving Anne Frank House Museum
5. The floating House Boat Museum