Amsterdam’s latest pastime: Vondelsurfing

Amsterdam’s latest pastime: Vondelsurfing

The Amsterdam Vondelpark is known for its attraction for performance artists of all kinds. In recent years, many people have also started using the park as their venue of choice for conducting tuition in every conceivable art or sport. You see inline skate instructors offering lessons in slalom, line dancers hoisting pupils on rope, there’s the various general fitness instructors of course and now Milan has hit the scene too.


Milan offers lessons in the precarious art of Vondelsurfing. The young Amsterdam entrepreneur offers tourists the use of a long board, a piece of sturdy rope, surfing gear and a lot of encouragement. After which the bearded guy himself climbs on a bike to -no kidding- drag his long board students through the park, bike speed.


Apparently, if you take a close look at Milan’s website, the trick of balancing yourself is made a lot easier as the rope is long and the long boards are of course not too flimsy either. And the pictures show rather relaxed, some quite demure, tourists having a whale of a time. “This is totally Hipster Galore!”, Milan enthuses. “It's super easy and everyone can do it! I've hosted many different people, from starters to pro's.”


He might be right, being toed like a veritable Amsterdammer on that long a stretch of rope will probably slow down all your movements considerably, enabling you to realise what moving about on a bit of wood is all about. If you really want to do something different, this is a great local option. Plus of course you get to meet the wacky brain behind the idea, and that in itself might be an experience already. My bet is that this guy is an out of work actor or at the very least someone with a bunch of great insights in Amsterdam city life.


Lessons of 2 hours cost 24 euros. “This is an activity really fun for two persons, because then you can switch and have a look how the other is doing”, Milan, who’s a ‘semi pro’ (what, cyclist?, longboarder?) elaborates. I am wondering about insurance, but hey, the pictures on his website show it really is a piece of cheese, so what the heck.