Buena Vista performers are back in Amsterdam

Buena Vista performers are back in Amsterdam

The creme de la creme of Cuba’s folk music scene arrives in the Netherlands shortly to perform  ‘Live from Buena Vista: The Havana Lounge’ in the Meervaart. It’s a long time since the fabled Summer of 1998 when the Buena Vista Social Club album was released and inspired the world to take up Salsa dancing. And almost fifteen years have passed since the impressive movie Buena Vista Social Club was produced by Dutch filmmaker Wim Wenders, who filmed the legends of the Cuban music scene perform in New York and Amsterdam. 

And still the immortal heroes of the Cuban són and bolero are traveling from the one world stage to the next.

The Havana Lounge performers include greats like pianist Lazara Cachao, who’s renowned for her play during various Buena Vista Social Club tours, and singer Evelio Galan, who is one of the most impressive singers of the Afro Cuban All Stars. Also note that this man worked with Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Secundo and various other legends in the Cuban music scene.

Singer Jose Jill Pinada is also performing, who also sang with the Afro Cuban All Stars. The other Havana Lounge members to perform in this in-depth all-acoustic theatre tour are Calixto Oviedo, Amik Guerra and Alberto ‘Molote’ Munoz.

The original Buena Vista Social Club album has been described as the product of less a band than an assemblage of some of Cuba’s most renowned musical forces, which is why it is so rich. It was compiled after American guitarist Ry Cooder travelled to Cuba in 1996 to find the legendary local musicians whose performing careers largely ended decades earlier with the rise of Fidel Castro.

The record turned unexpectedly into a commercial smash hit and earned repute amongst critics, which resulted in a  Grammy and catapulted Cooder’s long career into the limelight.

As for Wim Wenders’ work, he joined Cooder in 1998 on a trip to Havana to record a solo LP with Ferrer and Joachim Cooder (the son of the guitarist), as well as sell-out Buena Vista Social Club live performances in Amsterdam and New York City.

The Havana Lounge performance takes place at the De Meervaart whose address is Meer en Vaart 300, which is centrally located and can be reached by public transport from any given apartment rented out by Amsterdam Apartments.