William Klein at the FOAM museum

A large selection of photos by William Klein, the legendary photographer, is exhibited in the FOAM museum (Amsterdam’s main modern photography museum) this month. The show is a general overview of the man’s work and documents his influence on the world of photography, not least fashion photography.  According to the FOAM website, William Klein is […]

Short guide to Whisky Tasting in Amsterdam

Go to the whisky tasting weekend on 17th January 2014 Visitors to Amsterdam with a penchant for whisky are, when you look at it superficially, somewhat at a disadvantage. There’s no real established whisky culture in Amsterdam in the way that you get in, for instance, Edinburgh. The comparison is ludicrous, I know, but it’s […]

Jumping Amsterdam 2014 – an equestrian highlight

Jumping Amsterdam is the annual equestrian event that has a long reputation and attracts the world’s top dressage riders including Olympic champions for show jumping and dressage competitions, as well as evening entertainment and exhibitions.  This year’s 55th edition of Jumping Amsterdam takes place from 23-26th January 2014 in the massive Amsterdam RAI complex. A […]

Get a first hand taste of the Winter Olympics in Amsterdam

When the mountain won’t come to Muhammad… Can’t make it to the Winter Olympics but are enjoying the good life in Amsterdam? Then you still can get a taste of all things Russian when you head to the exhibition of the photographer Rob Hornstra in Huis Marseille. The man’s work had been intended for a […]

Head to the winter edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week

Head to Amsterdam Fashion Week for an intake of fresh fashion ideas Amsterdam and fashion? It’s not an obvious connection for the casual observer perhaps, but when you dig a little, Amsterdam and fashion are definitely something of a match. A number of highly successful fashion designers have set up shop in this town in […]

Chinese New Year in Amsterdam’s Chinatown

When you are on a short break  in Amsterdam and spend New Year’s Day in this beautiful city, you can experience an exotic New Year’s Day celebration when you head to Chinatown. The Chinese New Year celebration is meant to be the most important holiday for the Chinese and that is not surprising. The festivities last […]

Dutch National Tulip Day is held on Dam Square

Pick your own bunch of tulips in the heart of Amsterdam! The Dutch have a way with flowers. Their country is said to be ‘the land where the earth laughs in flowers’. The nation is awash with flowers even in the middle of winter. Especially the tulips come highly recommended. That is why many tourists visiting […]

What to do on New Year’s Day in Amsterdam

When you’ve been to New Year’s Eve celebrations you might take it easy on New Year’s Day in Amsterdam. Most people do. Slouching around whilst eating oliebollen and appelflappen, watching tv or watching a movie on the couch of your comfortable Amsterdam Apartments accommodation  is always  an option.  In case you are so hung over you […]

New Year’s Eve parties in Amsterdam

From fireworks to all the less than primitive parties. This past year has been very special for the city of Amsterdam, with the celebration of enormous events like the opening of the Rijksmuseum after a decade of restoration work, the celebration of 400 years of Canal Ring and the re-opening of the Van Gogh museum. […]

Canal Festival provides music to the Amsterdam Light Festival

If you thought the lights were enthralling, wait until you hear the music. The Canal Festival is the (classical) music variant on the Amsterdam Light Festival. The two events coincide during the months of December and January and have equal amounts of appeal, I daresay. When you stay in Amsterdam during a short holiday in […]