The revival of 70s urban renewal at ARCAM

If you are like me and a bit of a Grand Designs fanatic, you must see the ARCAM museum when you’re in Amsterdam. This centrally located architectural museum currently hosts an exhibition entitled ‘Learning from the Seventies’. This subject is rather topical in the current Amsterdam architectural climate, where urban renewal dominates the agenda, not […]

Gay Animals? They exist! Book a tour through Artis Zoo now!

When you pay a visit to the Artis Zoo, it won't just be to keep the kids happy. Because besides presenting the flora and fauna, Artis also serves up excellent fodder for grown-ups. For instance, there are many animals in the zoo that manifest gay tendencies, which is something that has caught the attention of the […]

The Houseboat Museum – Experience the life of an Amsterdammer

Amsterdam blog – The Houseboat Museum – Jessica Cole.docx Read on to hear what you can expect from The Houseboat Museum in Amsterdam, a renovated vessel showing tourists what life as a real Amsterdammer is like. What usually comes to mind when you think of Amsterdam? That’s right – bicycles, beer and boats. And you […]

Foam Fotografiemuseum – Heaven for photography enthusiasts

Amsterdam blog – Foam Fotografiemuseum – Jessica Cole.docx A brief guide to Amsterdam's Foam Fotografiemuseum, which presents photography enthusiasts with the chance to browse fabulous exhibitions from world-loved artists and new talent.  Photography buffs far and wide flock to Amsterdam to visit the Foam Fotografiemuseum, which is home to stunning exhibitions covering a range of […]

Amsterdam Museum – An attraction that’s not to be missed

Amsterdam blog – Amsterdam Museum – Jessica Cole Read on to hear why you should pay the Amsterdam Museum a visit during your trip to the city. Whether you've booked to stay in Amsterdam for a fortnight or are just passing through for the weekend, there's one place you simply have to visit: the Amsterdam Museum. […]