Get to NDSM wharf for an Easter Dance Festival
2017 Dance Festival information coming soon ! When you’re in Amsterdam during any kind of public holiday, you can be assured that there will be a dance event of some shape or size. The party scene in this town is so vibrant that every public holiday is a good excuse for organising an out of [...]
Spring is in the Air – Amsterdam’s elm trees are sensational

Amsterdam has a huge population of elm trees. This inconspicuous fact is a bit of a bore, I admit, but come spring time, the 75,000 elm trees that line the streets cause a sensation of snow storms for weeks on end. When you visit Amsterdam during spring time for a short vacation and are staying […]

Imagine Film Festival –  Amsterdam Fantastic Film Fest!
The 32nd edition of the Imagine Film Festival takes place on Apr 12, 2017 - Apr 23, 2017. This  festival, which was formerly named the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (AFFF), screens various fantasy movies, ranging from the sci-fi genre to horror, anime and pure fantasy. There are even some experimental films this year at the [...]
Amsterdam sets up public charge point for mobile devices

Most self respecting cities have a few of them. Built into park benches, in shopping malls or at train and bus stations. Now Amsterdam has one too; a public mobile charge point. In case you’re visiting Amsterdam for a short break and are running out of juice, simply head to the Museumplein, where the brand […]

Buena Vista performers are back in Amsterdam
The creme de la creme of Cuba’s folk music scene arrives in the Netherlands shortly to perform  ‘Live from Buena Vista: The Havana Lounge’ in the Meervaart. It’s a long time since the fabled Summer of 1998 when the Buena Vista Social Club album was released and inspired the world to take up Salsa dancing. [...]
CinemAsia Film Festival kicks off with Korean blockbuster
Information on the 2017 festival coming soon. The week-long event shows around 40 feature films and inspiring documentaries with an Asian flavor. Various films have been produced by budding talent from the Netherlands, but most are sourced in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The festival has its roots in the Queer [...]
Count yourself lucky during Museum Weekend in Amsterdam

Nothing could be a more obvious pastime while in Amsterdam than visiting museums. The city is essentially one big museum – with most of the old centre having been built by art aware merchants in the 17th century. Amsterdam offers more than fine arts museums, including numerous places to learn about history, science, fashion, architecture, […]

Chocolate tasting is an art – learn to discover 700 flavors

Chocolate lovers, indulge when you’re on a short stay in Amsterdam. You are on somewhat holy ground in this town, because the port of Amsterdam is one of the busiest cocoa ports in the world.  If you happen to visit Amsterdam during the weekend of March 29th and 30th, make your way to the Scheepvaartmuseum […]

Pink Film Festival Amsterdam
2017 Festival Information coming soon. The Pink Film Days is the Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and will offer a lot of premieres of the best of recent gay films. Both popular gay films and smaller, alternative, movies are dished out screened at the event. The films have in common that they are as [...]
Apartheid & After photography exhibition shows modern South Africa

Apartheid & After, the photography exhibition in Amsterdam’s Huis Marseille, unveils the interesting issue of where photographers whose work was instrumental in fighting the apartheid regime pointed their cameras after the apartheid era came to an end in 1990.  Where did South African photographers with a solid international reputation like David Goldblatt met Paul Alberts, […]