Cinedans – Dance on Screen blends film and dance

Cinedans – Dance on Screen is a unique film festival, both in the Netherlands and further afield. This year, around 90 dance films, or dance productions on film will be shown, and the focus is on choreographies that have been made with the film camera in mind and on unique film adaptations of existing dance shows. […]

The Quay Brothers’ Universum on display at EYE Filmmuseum

When you are on your holiday in Amsterdam and love film will probably be thrilled at the EYE Filmmuseum’s  first serious retrospective of the work of the Quay Brothers. The American twin filmmakers Stephen and Timothy Quay, renowned for their frequently ominous stop-motion and animation productions, are often described as among the most remarkable […]

Bacon tops Nieuwe Kerk’s high altar

So a Rembrandt was succeeded by a Warhol and I expected Warhol to vacate the scene for a Titian or a Raphael or any other Golden Age master. But no. A Bacon has been placed firmly on the altar in the Nieuwe Kerk on the Damrak. Holy cow! One of the painter’s more painterly paintings, […]

Two Amsterdam furniture design shops you should not miss out on

Once you have become acclimatised to life in toytown-land during your short stay in Amsterdam, you might muster up the energy to explore life from within this miniature world. Would you feel claustrophobic inside the less swanky Dutch living quarters than the generous accommodations rented out by Amsterdam Apartments, or will clever design prevent that? […]

Van Gogh museum shows Vallotton’s interiors, nudes, toilettes, landscapes and still lives

The Van Gogh museum is participating in a threesome for its latest exhibition of Nabis art. Together with Musee d’Orsay in Paris and the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum in Tokyo, the museum directs attention to the works of the Swiss artist Félix Vallotton. This painter was known as the ‘Foreign Nabi’ painter (no qualms with being […]

How Amsterdam plans to make money from free urinals

When you landed by plane at Amsterdam airport for your short holiday in an Amsterdam Apartments rental accommodation, you may have seen the green rooftops of many Amsterdam houses and their hanging gardens, but were likely too busy marvelling at the much-hyped flower fields, for which the Schiphol landing experience is primarily known.  Still, there are […]

Amsterdam opens a mobile Olympic ice stadium

Amsterdam has opened its own temporary Olympic Ice Stadium this month, turning the city's regular Olympic Stadium into what’s been named ‘The coolest ice stadium of the Netherlands’ (de coolste baan van Nederland). The track is 400m long, which means it’s suitable for this winter's official long-distance contests. On regular days, anyone has access, whether you’re […]

Barbie’s Birthday Bash caters to Fashion students, families with kids
Families with kids who love dolls or fashion students should know about the new Barbie doll show in the Museum of Bags and Purses. This excellent, privately run, museum has pulled out all the stops to document the 50 years that Barbie dolls have been around in the Netherlands. Barbie was first introduced in Amsterdam [...]
Wooden Shoes  – Everything you always wanted to know

When you first landed in Amsterdam for your brief holiday, you must have been looking out for those Dutch people that wear them. I am on about clogs of course. When you didn’t spot even one little crumpled old man with the uncomfortable footwear, you must have given up. Let me tell you; keep looking! Once […]

How to spend your most romantic Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam
Let me guess... you are visiting Amsterdam for a short time, you are staying in one of Amsterdam Apartment’s great residences and the dates of your stay include February 14th. Right? Then, the laws of probability would suggest that you are on a romantic city break. If that’s the case by all means read on [...]