Hasidic Jews, always considered ‘invisible’, on view in new exhibition

When I first saw The Chosen, the film by Jeremy Kagan, based on the bestselling book of the same name by Chaim Potok, I had never come across Hasidic Jews. I was young at the time, about 12, so probably can be forgiven for that. Years later, I was seated next to a member of […]

Fong Leng’s fashion art on display in the Amsterdam Museum – dresses that’d do Lady Gaga proud!

The Amsterdam Museum is showing art by the Dutch fashion industry’s grand dame Fong Leng. This designer experienced her heyday in the Seventies when she reversed the minimalist trend in the fashion industry and made short shrift with the ‘less is more’ idea which the fashion industry at the time seemed to have adopted for […]

IMPRO Amsterdam features top improv talent from around the globe
Once a year, Amsterdam becomes a mini-Edinburgh, featuring its very own international performing arts festival IMPRO Amsterdam. It’s a small-scale event, but word has it you really can learn massive things. This year’s workshops for foreign improvs are all sold out, which could be a telling sign that the 19th edition of the IMPRO Amsterdam [...]
Sonic Soiree features some good Low Countries bands

Music lovers visiting Amsterdam who like to discover new music the old fashioned way can have an incredibly good time in the many bars, cafes and pubs that feature live music. Frequently these venues will host interesting and as yet unknown bands.  At the Brakke Grond, the Flemish cultural centre, the music is actually somewhat […]

January 31st Grauzone festival features all things new wave
New wave music is cool, not only during its heyday.  I am only old enough (just about) to say this with some authority. Other people are way more qualified to really judge on this matter. Especially those who -unlike me- remember that 80s new wave groups like Siouxsie and the Banshees once shared venues with [...]
How and where to soak up Amsterdam’s street soccer culture

Dutch street soccer is world renowned and you can see the influence of street soccer back in various Amsterdam neighbourhoods. Squares with lofty names like Nikeplein (Nike Square), Balboaplein, the Iepenplein and the Louis de Visser are meant to be important football-innovation hotspots.  As a tourist you can experience this scene first hand. That is […]

Ready for a musical epiphany? Get thee to Bourbon Street Blues Club

When you want to hit town and enjoy jazz and blues, you could head to the Bourbon Street Blues Club. Kitted out in traditional blues style – you know, those darkwood walls,  authentic flickering lamps and chandeliers, a Victorian era stage – the owners of Bourbon Street have tried their mighty best to emulate the […]

What is it with the Rijksmuseum and writers?

Donna Tartt’s footsteps on the streets of Amsterdam are still fresh and already the next celebrity writer has made his way to the Dutch capital. Dan Brown made a much-hyped appearance, complete with press conference, in the Rijksmuseum. He stole the show apparently – according to the journalist of the Amsterdam headquartered national daily Parool who […]

Auerbach – Rembrandt: Raw Truth runs until March 16th

Rembrandt van Rijn is the inspiration of many artists and the curators at the Rijksmuseum love this. They frequently draw attention to these dialogues in art and that is why the show Rembrandt – Auerbach: Raw Truth should not come as such a surprise. Paintings by Frank Auerbach are exhibited in the newly opened Rijksmuseum and hang right opposite the […]

Realisme Art Fair in Schiphol Passenger Terminal: 16-19 January

The annual Realisme Art Fair in the Passenger Terminal of Schiphol Airport starts on January 16th and is definitely worth your while. The four day show sums up perfectly what the European art world has come to. A huge number of renowned galleries source works, all eager to present and sell works by both Dutch […]