Titanic on show in Amsterdam Expo

The appeal of the Titanic seems only to grow as time goes by. Part of the reason is that the shipwreck’s location was not discovered until 73 years after its disastrous sinking. Only in 1985 did the first crew of divers reach the remains of this once gargantuan vessel. In eight subsequent dives they managed […]

Finding inspiration in Science Park Amsterdam

Are you a bit of a TED junkie? Read New Scientist religiously? Then Science Park Amsterdam is probably your natural work habitat. It’s the sort of venue every self-respecting city has on offer these days; an incubator for innovation. Science Park Amsterdam facilitates businesses in IT or life sciences with inspiring office space, whether they […]

Amsterdamse School architecture

Amsterdam, like London, once was mainly constructed of wooden buildings. And of course at one time in its history it also experienced a Great Fire. So, just like any healthy folk, the ruling governors somewhere in the 15th century passed an ordinance stipulating that all new buildings in the city be constructed of brick walls […]

Frankendael House – a countryside version of a canal house
When you easily get a headache in museums and still crave art, you should get your dose of both health and culture in Frankendael House (Huize Frankendael), toward the east of the city. This is a big house in a big park, which frequently hosts spectacular art and theatre shows. There’s plenty of space and [...]
When your passion for fashion knows no bounds – head to Amsterdam

Fashionistas visiting Amsterdam have plenty of opportunities to enjoy great quality fashion designers. Avant garde designers like Jan Taminiau have attached their fame and fortunes to the city. Taminiau is a favorite of not only the Dutch queen who happened to wear a dress made by him at the recent coronation but also of Lady […]

Antiques shopping in Amsterdam

Art and antique shoppers can have a great time in Amsterdam. The Spiegelkwartier (literally; Mirror Quarter) is where you head if you’re on the hunt for a unique present or merely want to look at beautiful objects. This quarter is crammed with lovely galleries displaying top notch art works and little antique boutique shops where […]

The finders keepers philosophy in Amsterdam

When you walk around Amsterdam and happen to find an item of value that someone appears to have lost, you might wonder if you should hold on to it. What if you sold it on eBay and gave the proceeds to a good cause or simply kept it. Believe it or not, such precariously dubious […]

A quick guide to Amsterdam’s bridges

Bridges in Amsterdam cater to everybody. Whether you’re romantically inclined, are interested in architecture or have a keen eye for photography, chances are you’ll find the bridge of your dreams in this city. There’s no less than 1,281 of them, so take your pick. My favourite Amsterdam bridge is the Melkmeisjesbrug, literally Milkmaids’ Bridge.  It […]

Calling all fashion addicts – Make your way to the Museum of Bags and Purses

The Museum of Bags and Purses in the centre of Amsterdam is the biggest museum of its kind in the world. It documents a 500 year history of bags in all forms, shapes and sizes and from pretty much all over the globe. To give you an idea of the extremity on display; the collection […]

Canal belt architecture on show in Het Grachtenhuis

If you’re staying in an apartment in Amsterdam, you’re bound to be fascinated by the way the houses in the centre of town look. Now that you’ve come that one step closer to the real Amsterdam, you could do with a visit to a museum called Het Grachtenhuis, located at Herengracht 386.   Translations catering to tourists […]