How to watch Netflix movies in the Netherlands

Netflix is available in the Netherlands, which is great if you stay in an apartment you rented at Amsterdam Apartments, because you can just log on to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and watch your favorite shows just like you would at home. With a small difference; the service in the Netherlands is faster than anywhere else in the […]

Amsterdam’s Christmas markets 2013

When you head out to Amsterdam during December, you have plenty of opportunities to get your Christmas shopping done. In many areas of the city winter markets emerge, where vendors bring to bear great merchandise under fabulous fairy lights and Christmas trees as well as seasonal snacks and drinks.  Strolling across the Christmas markets is […]

Amsterdam Light Festival – a public display of light art
Amsterdam is known for its romantic lights at night, but starting 1st December - 22 January, 2017, the city will light up officially. The city centre is magically transformed for an international light and water festival, the Amsterdam Light Festival. This year’s theme is ‘Building with Light’ and many of the 30 light sculptures on display [...]
Anne Frank – the new stage show, collected works, pen pal memories

Just as the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam opened its temporary exhibition of the first international stage show about Anne Frank, the announcement was made that there will be a new international theatre piece in April 2014.  The news could not have come at a better moment. The exhibition entitled “This play is a part of my […]

Many prestigious art works on display at PAN Amsterdam trade fair

PAN Amsterdam, the prestigious annual arts and antiques fair which has just opened has already made various news headlines already. Many eyes are on the rare works on display such as the 17th century painting of the English war ship The Portsmouth by Willem van de Velde de Jonge. And a genuine Andy Warhol work […]

Will Sinterklaas ever be banished?

Shops in Amsterdam and all over the country are awash with Sinterklaas-related merchandise in the weeks between mid-November up to the 5th of December, the birthday of this saint. From thereon in, it's Santa's turn. Which is why Amsterdam is great to visit to do your Christmas shopping. When you book an apartment with Amsterdam […]

Get in the festive mood at the Leidseplein Ice Rink

Once the ice rink at the Leidseplein has been opened, it’s time to start your Christmas shopping in earnest. Every year around mid-November this square is transformed into a magic place, heralding the arrival of both Sinterklaas and Christmas.   When you have children you can take them here for an afternoon filled with joy. […]

Titanic on show in Amsterdam Expo

The appeal of the Titanic seems only to grow as time goes by. Part of the reason is that the shipwreck’s location was not discovered until 73 years after its disastrous sinking. Only in 1985 did the first crew of divers reach the remains of this once gargantuan vessel. In eight subsequent dives they managed […]

Finding inspiration in Science Park Amsterdam

Are you a bit of a TED junkie? Read New Scientist religiously? Then Science Park Amsterdam is probably your natural work habitat. It’s the sort of venue every self-respecting city has on offer these days; an incubator for innovation. Science Park Amsterdam facilitates businesses in IT or life sciences with inspiring office space, whether they […]

Amsterdamse School architecture

Amsterdam, like London, once was mainly constructed of wooden buildings. And of course at one time in its history it also experienced a Great Fire. So, just like any healthy folk, the ruling governors somewhere in the 15th century passed an ordinance stipulating that all new buildings in the city be constructed of brick walls […]