Where beer drinkers go bottoms up in Amsterdam
Beer is a big thing in Amsterdam. The city is home to the Heineken brewery, which is rather important of course, but there’s plenty more beer activity too. This October, you can indulge in the biggest beer festival, the PINT Bokbierfestival, in the Netherlands. It takes place in the Beurs van Berlage, not far from [...]
What to do with kids

Amsterdam has plenty on offer for families with small children. The fact that so many professionals living in Amsterdam choose not to move out to the countryside once offspring announces its imminent arrival means that the Dutch capital is a place where families thrive. This is visible on the streets, where you see mums and […]

Free things to do in Amsterdam

Yes, we know! You saved a bunch by renting an apartment with Amsterdam Apartments, which is so much cheaper than the average hotel. But now you want to save even more and check out the free attractions of Amsterdam. Well, it turns out you’re still in for a treat. Here are a few ideas to inspire […]

Dining in the kitchens of absolute strangers…

When you are going for a night out in Amsterdam and have tried various restaurants, you might decide it is time for a dining experience that is altogether different. So why not meet up with the locals and enjoy a home cooked meal for a change? Thanks to a number of great online platforms, it is […]

Exploring secret Amsterdam

Amsterdam has its own Banksy. He goes by the name of Max Zorn, and unlike Banksy he’s quite open about his identity, even though his activities resemble those of the Bristolian legend. That’s no wonder. In Amsterdam, anything goes, except secrecy! Zorn re-creates masterful classic artworks and leaves them in public spaces with his name […]

Guide to the 2016 Amsterdam Dance Event
The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), which takes place between Oct 19 - Oct 23, 2016, is of world renown. This dance festival has been around for two decades or so and is considered one of the most important dance events globally because just about every DJ who’s gathered any significant following will be making their [...]
Over 250 Ingenious Pop Up Venues liven up Amsterdam

Pop ups are a favourite of many and seem to suit a city like Amsterdam with its tolerance of new ideas especially well. Amsterdam, where everything seems easy, fun and manageable, offers the perfect backdrop for these temporary outbursts of creativity. So it is not surprising that the first edition of a mega pop up […]

Amsterdam’s best cafe terraces for people watching

People watching is a sport most of the English can sadly only engage in at train stations. And although an essential activity for some, the professionals strutting the platforms don’t necessarily inspire any crazy fashion ideas.   All the world really becomes the proverbial stage when you visit the many Amsterdam outdoor cafe terraces. It […]

Five of my favourite local neighbourhood restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a whole lot in terms of gastronomical excellence, and you do not have to fork out massive amounts of cash for superb meals. Many of the smaller neighbourhood restaurants that you can find just outside the city centre are absolute gems. They are ignored by the tourist masses and provide high-quality dining experiences […]

Fancy dancing the night away with the cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Are you a hiphop and/or R&B fan planning to visit Amsterdam during the last weekend of August? Then you’re in luck because that’s when the Encore festival takes place. Continue reading if that date is wrong, because Encore happens to also be a regular weekly event in De Melkweg, one of Amsterdam’s largest nightclubs. The […]