Amsterdam Bridges

Amsterdam Bridges

Water is inextricably linked with Amsterdam, to cross all these canals and rivers, the city has about 1700 bridges.

De Magere Brug

The most famous bridge in Amsterdam is probably the Magere Brug, a white woodenbridge over the Amstel River, close to theatre Carré and the Hermitage Museum. Magere Brug, which translates to Skinny Bridge, was once considerably narrower, hence its name. The original bridge was built in 1691 and has since been rebuilt and replaced several times. Until 1994 the bridge was opened and closed manually by two bridge guards, to let the ships pass by, nowadays the bridge is operated automatically. Since 2003 the Magere Brug may only be crossed by pedestrians and cyclists. Thousands of energy-saving LED light bulbs romantically illuminate the bridge at night. Close to the Magere Brug is The Captain’s Glory houseboat apartment, which is moored upon the majestic Amstel River. Also the Amstel View Apartment Amsterdam, overlooking the Amstel River, is just a brief stroll away from the Magere Brug.

Seven bridges

Over the beautiful Reguliersgracht you will find seven bridges in a row. A boat upon the Herengracht canal offers an excellent view of all the bridges. Also nearby is the lively Rembrandtplein where you will find plenty of bars and restaurants. A bar/restaurant that we can recommend upon the square is De Kroon, a well-designed and cosy place, located on the first floor, Rembrandtplein 17-I. For picturesque views and an attractive interior, the Rembrandt Apartment Amsterdam would be a perfect choice in this area.

A modern bridge

An example of a modern bridge in Amsterdam is the Pythonbrug, which connects Borneo Island and Sporenburg (East of Amsterdam Central station), built in 2001. The red bridge looks like a moving snake, hence the name, and can only be used by pedestrians.

Walking tour HollandRoute offers a walking tour of 15,5 km and will guide you to 88 bridges in all sizes and shapes. Or take a boat for a canal tour with See Amsterdam.