Amsterdam Day Trips: Dutch Delights in the City of Utrecht

Amsterdam Day Trips: Dutch Delights in the City of Utrecht

Accessible by train in less than thirty

minutes, the beautiful city of Utrecht makes a rewarding alternative to the

streets of Amsterdam, offering guests a quaint yet bustling setting brimming with

culture, history and, above all, charm.


for its thriving student population, striking collection of waterways and its friendly

vibe, this popular hotspot grants a welcome retreat from the crowds of its

famous neighbour and a chance to explore a typical Dutch city in all its modest



evidence implies earlier inhabitation, Utrecht’s foundation transpired at the

hands of the Romans through the erection of several fortresses built around

50AD. The current cityscape however reflects a more medieval influence, with

the compact core boasting several architectural triumphs from the Middle Ages.

The most iconic of which has to be the monumental Dom tower, a 14th

century landmark that sports the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. An

arduous yet worthwhile climb to the 360 foot summit will reward you with

spectacular views and fascinating anecdotes provided by the exceptional tour


Aside from

the treasured Dom, Utrecht is most acclaimed for its picturesque and unique

canal system, with its distinctive split structure. Utterly endearing,

atmospheric and surprisingly peaceful, the lower level makes an idyllic spot

for a stroll and houses a smattering of stores, bars and restaurants, offering

a memorable dining experience at the water’s edge. This scenic backdrop can

also be explored by boat, allowing a relaxing and insightful approach to

discovering the city’s many delights.

Hosting the

second highest number of cultural events across the country, the municipality

showcases an abundance of festivals throughout the year and supplies a multitude

of museums to enlighten the masses. Recommended highlights include the superb

Railway Museum (Het Spoorwegmuseum), a hugely entertaining institute perfect

for the whole family, the ingenious Rietveld Schroder House, essential for art

and design lovers, and the charismatic Museum Speelklok, which impresses its

visitors with a wonderful collection of mechanical instruments.

Home to the

Netherlands’ oldest and one of Europe’s largest universities, the city oozes a

vibrancy and a rich diversity typical to student towns and possesses a lively

nightlife scene to rival any other. Most establishments promote an informal,

laid back ambience, greeting their guests with a welcome hospitality and

comparatively low prices, with such venues as the live music hall Tivoli, the

sociable bar Stairway to Heaven and the classic Winkel van Sinkel providing a satisfying

selection for the evening’s entertainment. Trains are available 24 hours a day,

enabling a hassle free return to your Amsterdam apartment after partying until

the early hours.

With its

warm character, historical treasures and exemplary retail and nightlife

options, the city of Utrecht offers an enjoyable outing for you and your

companions in a truly charming Dutch setting.