Amsterdamse Bos – Nature’s Finest: Discover Amsterdam’s Captivating Forest

Amsterdamse Bos – Nature’s Finest: Discover Amsterdam’s Captivating Forest

Sweeping almost 1,000 hectares, the Amsterdamse

Bos is one of Europe’s largest city parks, granting a welcome retreat from the

confines of the capital and a chance to explore a picturesque environment

brimming with fantastic attractions.


approximately seven million visitors per year, this hospitable sanctuary

occupies the southern tip of Amsterdam and comprises an impressive 137

kilometres of footpaths, 51 kilometres of cycle lanes, 50 bridges, 150 types of

indigenous trees and 200 species of birds. Aside from its obvious natural draw,

the forest also boasts several cultural, sports and entertainment spots,

combining a scenic aesthetic with an enriching experience.

Due to an

increased awareness of health and fitness in the 1920s, a group of landscape

architects joined to collaborate on the ambitious project of a mammoth manmade

area suitable for all kinds of sporting activities. Meticulously planned and

expertly executed, the Bos began to take shape over the ensuing decades with

the plantation of 200,000 trees, the arrangement of a scattering of open spaces

perfect for picnics, and the construction of a number of artificial lakes. One

such waterway, the Bosbaan, is one of the park’s most striking features, which

hosts an international array of rowing competitions throughout the year.

Other resident

options for inducing an adrenaline boost include ample jogging routes, tennis

courts, horse riding facilities, canoeing, and the action packed climbing park,

Forest Fun. One of the best ways to discover this expansive setting is by

bicycle, which allows an exhilarating yet rewarding approach to exploring the

substantial sights on offer, with a rental store stationed close to the visitor

centre at the main entrance. Guests seeking a more relaxed afternoon should

head to the modern complex of Spa Zuiver, a luxurious retreat brimming with a

range of pampering delights ideal for a special occasion.

One of the

Bos’s greatest highlights is the endearing cheese farm or Geitenboerderij,

highly recommended for families travelling with younger children. Housing a

menagerie of white goats accompanied by a selection of farmyard friends, this

charming locale grants the chance to sample fresh and organic delicacies whilst

the kids run riot amongst the excellent amenities. Feeding the goats by bottle

remains a popular activity for the little ones and the abundant cheese cellar

provides a range of tasty treats for consumption back at your apartment, with

coffee and cake also on the menu for indulging on the pictorial terrace.


enchanting forest is home to a traditional pancake restaurant, amongst an

assortment of culinary establishments, a wonderful museum tram, a collection of

swimming pools, and a superb open air theatre that showcases performances in a

dramatic atmosphere during warm summer evenings. With its beautiful blend of

greenery and waterways and its abundance of interesting venues, this peaceful

haven makes a fantastic alternative for guests desiring a pleasurable and

unforgettable Amsterdam adventure.

For detailed information regarding the Amsterdamse

Bos and its facilities, check out the park’s comprehensive website at


accessing the forest through public transport should consult the following

website before planning your journey,

. Those arriving by car will be pleased to know

that the Bos is one of the few areas of the city where parking is free of