Do the Lovedance

Do the Lovedance

Do the Lovedance!

One of the most important events in

Amsterdam, surely not exclusively for the gay community, as part of the Wereld

AIDS Nacht (the World AIDS Night). A must if you are visiting the city this

year towards the last days of November.


the autumn winds down and the temperatures oscillate around 0˚C, the grey sky

over the Dutch capital still enfolds a vibrant, feverish life that is

absolutely not a mere remembrance of those long gone bright summer evenings,

rather a palpitating magic substance in itself.


people of this wonderful city know, without any question, how to keep

themselves warm and active during the darkest, coldest months of the year:

festivals, concerts, parties and events of any sort, take place in the crowded

alleys and streets of the old centre, many of which dedicated to the gay scene.


World AIDS Night is probably the most important of the autumn: one night aimed

at informing and educating – especially youngsters – to the complexity of AIDS

problems and focused on the effectiveness of raising money for the AIDS Fonds.


held on the first night of December, in conjunction with the World AIDS Day,

this year the event has been moved up to the evening of November 30th.


does not really matter where you choose to stay with us: all our apartments in

the centre will surely be in the proximities of one of the clubs that celebrate

this special night. The NYX, in the central Reguliersdwaarstraat, the

effervescent Jimmy Woo, the outrageous Chicago Social Club, the AIR, Club

Church, Trouw, Doka, the sophisticated Supperclub and many more among the

craziest venues of Old Amsterdam will open their doors to a colorful crowd of

generations of gay and straight men and women, in the name of unity and



legendary Paradiso remains the true fulcrum of the event, offering, as usual,

an enviable schedule of live performances and DJ sets. A unique show that

delights residents and tourists from all over, every single year again, an

explosion of joy and wild frenzy, colorfully served by local and international



Lovedance’s website gives a clear explanation and unambiguous instructions on

how to select your attire for the night: surely “dress to impress”, colors,

bells, feathers and bizarre wigs are well accepted.


fun evening to spend with your friends and fellow travelers, up until the early

hours of the day, an unforgettable experience to live freely and exuberantly,

with carefreeness and awareness – at the same time but most importantly – of

the plague that hit hard thousands of homosexual communities in the whole



not forget to wear a red ribbon!