Exploring De Wallen and its Wild Parts – The Red Light District Tour

Exploring De Wallen and its Wild Parts – The Red Light District Tour

If you ever felt intrigued and curious about

Amsterdam’s most controversial neighbourhood which equates to many as a haven

for sex, drugs, and hardcore partying, here is your chance to join one of the

long established guided tours of the area. Experienced Amsterdam guides will

give you a thorough overview of the best places to see in the Red Light

District neighbourhood ranging from sex theatres to coffee shops, jazz places

while quickly getting you acquainted to many of the old stories of this

mysterious and inviting place.


have heard about it, you have talked about it, you have probably even

fantasized about it but you have not experienced it yet. The Red Light District

stands out there as one mystery to unfold tempting you to join in yet you do

not have the courage or you lack the information on what, and where are the

most fabulous places to check out in the De Wallen area.


, various organized tour options are made widely available through which you

can benefit from the experience and knowledge of friendly guides, as well as

having the chance to meet various other tourists from all over the world

holding the same curiosity as you for the Red Light District’s wild parts. A

typical such tour lasts for about two hours, and includes a visit stroll to

some of the most important sights to be seen in the De Wallen.


of the organized experiences starts every evening at 7pm in front of the National Monument at

Dam Square located only ten minutes by foot from Amsterdam’s Central Railway

Station. Widely popular, the tour will

take you around some of the most famous and hidden places in the district where

you can admire the beautiful working ladies smiling at you, and inviting you

inside their rooms for pleasurable interactive fun. You will have the

opportunity to ask any questions to a former prostitute about what to do or not

to do when visiting the ladies, and learn more about the oldest profession in

the world at the Prostitution Information Centre.


the tour, you will also be visiting the world famous Condomerie shop where you

can purchase all types of sex related objects perhaps surprising a friend back

home with an unexpected yet powerful gift. Those that enjoy more hardcore

sexual dominant activities will have their own chance of unleashing their wild

thoughts at the Warmoerstraat – hardcore leather neighbourhood or at the

S&M Specialist shops. The tour will also take you through video cabins in

sex shops so you can choose your preferred special type of film genre for your own

private viewing.


from its erotic and hedonistic side, the tour will give you a chance to admire

a beautiful old neighbourhood displaying an amazing old style of authentic

architecture, and vibrant streets flanked by canals where various boats pass by

giving you that special fairy tale alike feeling you are seeking in such a mysterious place. Just

to add some mysticism to the whole tour experience, you will pass by the

district’s monolithic Old Church, a majestic beautiful building that comes into

complete contrast with the hedonistic arena where sex, drugs, and rock’n roll

are constantly being performed.


but not lastly the tour will also take you various jazz arty cafes, and you

will surely have the chance to check out an abundance of interesting coffee

shops where you can purchase and smoke the local weed for an enhanced

imaginative trip in what is already a dreamy environment in the Red Light


You will normally be offered one free drink

during the tour while the price for the whole sightseeing experience is

approximately 10 euros. For more information on a popular tour, you can go to

their website here:


Bear in mind that many other organized

visiting opportunities are available so do a quick search on the internet,

check their programs, and choose the one that suits you best.