Fifteen Amsterdam – eating with relish for the right cause

Fifteen Amsterdam – eating with relish for the right cause

Inspired by the culinary mastermind Jamie Oliver’s successful concept of Fifteen in London, the Dutch Fifteen Amsterdam is an excellent eating establishment which offers delights able to please even the most sophisticated palate. Our rich offer of Amsterdam holiday apartments – many of which are located close to this fabulous restaurant – will make it easy for you to enjoy this memorable culinary experience to the max.

The ‘3S’ principle

The cornerstone of Fifteen consists of three keywords which are: simple, social, and sophisticated. These three ideas are skilfully incorporated into every aspect of operations of the place: the charmingly simple and tasteful interiors, the swift and professional service, the experienced and talented cooking staff, and – of course – the exciting a la carte menu which will spoil you with mouth-watering antipasti, home-made pastas and other fabulous healthy and fresh Mediterranean dishes.

Book a dinner and support a good cause

If you hear the name ‘Jamie Oliver’, you might more or less know what to expect in terms of food quality. But what you might not know is the fact that Fifteen is exceptional not only when it comes to food and its setting, but also when it comes to service. The restaurant’s ‘mission’ is to recruit fifteen (hence the name!) professionally-disadvantaged young people each year and train and develop them to let them become genuine chefs. This initiative has gained much public acclaim, especially since the current situation of employment among young people on the labour market does not look too bright.

Ready to order?

Following the ‘3S’ principle, Fifteen offers splendid dishes prepared on the basis of locally-produced fresh and organic ingredients. The place itself, located in a former warehouse in the dockland area of the city, boasts an impressive number of 200 seats, but the menu is actually rather modest and specialized, which is a guarantee of top quality. For instance, all the meat-lovers will be on cloud nine if they get to try the dry-aged entrecote of Simmentaler beef (EUR 26.00) served with celeriac, potatoes, and anise mushrooms, or if they go with a Dutch leg of lamb from Kampen (EUR 24.00) with string beans, white beans, and potato garnish. On the other hand, no vegetarian will resist the wonderful flan of red beet roots (EUR 19.00) with caramelized puff pastry, chicory, goat cheese, apple, choccia beet roots, and spinach. Add to that a great lunch menu, magnificent desserts, and a fantastic bar supplied with fine aperitifs and drinks. You don’t need a reservation to visit the bar, but remember to book a table if you’re planning a lunch or dinner. You can do that via Fifteen’s website, which also features a full version of their menu:

Where, how, and when

Fifteen Amsterdam is located at Jollemanhof 9. During lunch hours you can park your car at the Piet Hein Garage which is a three-minute walk from the place. After 5.30 p.m. onwards you can leave your car beneath the restaurant. Fifteen is open for lunch Monday through Saturday from 12.00 p.m. until 3.00 p.m. Dinners are served Monday through Sunday from 5.30 p.m. until 01.00 a.m.; the kitchen is open till 10.00 p.m.