Flower Power: A Guide to the Netherlands’ Celebrated Floral Attractions

Flower Power: A Guide to the Netherlands’ Celebrated Floral Attractions

Blanketed with fields of vivid colour, the low lying Netherlands is renowned the world over for its love of tulips and all things floral, making it the perfect destination for visitors with a penchant for colourful landscapes, blossoming gardens and flourishing markets.

Despite its status as a thriving capital city, Amsterdam is in fact a petite and picturesque metropolis boosted by its green aesthetic and general concern for nature, visible in its tree lined avenues and well kept open spaces. The planet’s solitary floating flower market can be found in the heart of the city, offering travellers ample options for typical souvenirs and gifts. However, for a more thorough inspection of the country’s infamous bulb culture, head further from your Amsterdam apartment and venture to one or more of the following attractions.


Highly recommended for an unforgettable outing, the world’s largest flower garden occupies over 80 acres near the town of Lisse, which can be reached by public transport in just over an hour from the capital’s Central Station. Masterfully arranged and showcasing an incredible collection of over seven million bulbs, this breathtaking environment attracts vast crowds from across the globe during its brief opening in spring, available to the public from March to May. Highly recommended for a truly unique experience. For further information regarding this magnificent Dutch highlight, please visit Keukenhof.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction:

Situated south of Amsterdam and accessible through an hour’s bus journey, this buzzing hive of activity houses a daily auction that involves around 20 million flowers a day, grossing an astonishing two billion Euros annually. Visitors are invited to witness this seemingly frenzied yet in fact highly organised happening from an elevated walkway that loops around the frantic proceedings. The sheer volume of flora that passes through this gigantic building has to be seen to be believed, with an early morning entrance recommended for a greater appreciation of this colossal event.


The Netherlands exhibits its true passion for flowers during numerous floral parades or bloemencorso’s that sweep across the nation, showcasing a phenomenal artistry that is certain to astound. The pageants are comprised of several floats adorned with fresh cut flowers, which are expertly assembled in various designs that compliment the festival’s particular theme. One of the most popular parades traverses the Bollenstreek, a region synonymous with bulb cultivation, offering spectators a 25 mile procession of superlative blossoming extravagance. Advice on where and when to enjoy this preeminent spectacle can be found at their website.