Kalverstraat – highstreet fashion in the heart of Amsterdam

Kalverstraat – highstreet fashion in the heart of Amsterdam


you love shopping and you want to get the best Dutch and international

highstreet brands in town, head to the always lively Kalverstraat, just a few

steps off Dam Square.

Amsterdam has it all when it comes to

shopping. Your favourite international brands can be found here: River Island, the

British highstreet fashion has a huge two storey shop in Kalver Street. Zara, Mango and Desigual, the Spanish chains

with high quality clothing for all styles are also present here. Vero Moda,

Danish design at affordable prices and H&M, the Swedish giant with over

three shops in Kalver Street are some of the places where locals love to shop.

Morgan, le

chic français can also be

found in the city of Amsterdam and the always edgy Italian Miss Sixty (and its

men’s line, Energie), are just some of the labels you will come across in


But let me tell you about Dutch high street

fashion, which by no means is less varied than the international chains we just

mentioned. If you love highstreet fashion, you will love Amsterdam’s

Kalverstraat! These are my top picks:


, located on 178, is a fantastic shop where you can find classy and

casual clothes made with great fabrics and the best cut. Fantastic place to

find that perfect black blazer, skinny jeans or the elegant dress you have been

searching for. This shop has men’s and women’s collections as well as great


In need of the perfect lingerie for you or

for someone else?

Hunkemoller is by

far my favourite Dutch brand when it comes to underwear. The staff is welcoming

and knowledgeable and the shop is feminine and beautiful. They have a great

collection, always modern and hip but without forgetting the basics such as push

up brassieres, shapewear, stockings, cute socks, gorgeous pyjamas and sports bras.

Besides basics, in Hunkemoller you can also get pretty basques for special

occasions as well as dazzling matching sets and swimwear. They are located on

number 162 in Kalver.



is fine Dutch design at reasonable prices.

If you are looking for designer quality but you cannot afford having a suit by

Chloé, pay a visit to Claudia Sträter for the finest business clothing, summery

dresses and colourful accessories.


was one of the first high street shops I discovered 10 years ago

and still one of my favourites. When in need of a special dress, Steps never

fails. Not a place for basics, but rather something outstanding and colourful,

not for the

white t-shirt and jeans

kind of gal. You will find their Kalver

store on number 107. Another excellent place for distinctive pieces is

SPS Superstar, located on numbers 102.

They have great fitting jeans, shirts with bold prints, lovely dresses and

striking accessories. The Dutch love colour, and that is one of the things most

of their shops have in common: Colour, colour, colour!


, also belonging to the Coltext group (together with Steps and

Superstar) is a must-visit store while you are in Kalverstraat. Youthful and

romantic, Didi always has cute strappy tops, capri trousers and dresses to fall

in love with.

While in Dam Square, you have to drop by

Peek & Cloppenburg.

This is a huge multi-brand store with clothes for everyone: men, women and

children. I always find something there, whether is a basic t-shirt or a fun

pullover. The great thing about Peek & Cloppenburg is that it offers

clothes and accessories for all budgets, so you can find great quality sweaters

for 30 Euros, but also pricier pieces like cashmere jumpers for 130. Brands

like Esprit, Gaastra and Gerry Weber are also available at P&C. It is just

next to

Madame Tussauds, so very

conveniently located. Why not checking it out after your visit to the Wax


For casual clothing,

The Sting and

Lady Sting are one of the most popular shops in The Netherlands. It

is a multibrand store with casual and modern clothing at different price

ranges. You can find here men and women’s clothing from brands such as Miss

America, Red Rouge, Royal Chicks, Company Cotton Club, Rivalry, Bien Bleu,

Brood and Ashes to Dust.


your shopping day in Kalverstraat!