Nuit Blanche in Amsterdam – a nocturnal tribute to art

Nuit Blanche in Amsterdam – a nocturnal tribute to art

Although there are at least two movies named Nuit Blanche, this special event has got nothing to do with any of them whatsoever. Translated as ‘White Night’, the Nuit Blanche of Amsterdam is an annual Paris-inspired night devoted to art in its most various forms, consisting of a 12-hour session with music, street art, photography, and video art, among others. Come to Amsterdam and use our holiday apartment offer to be where the after-dark magic happens.

Skip a night

As this unusual nocturnal tribute to art has its origin in Paris, the name is by all means telling and far from random. ‘Nuit Blanche’ in French means also ‘to skip a night’, and this is exactly what you have to do to experience the full potential of this remarkable event, and appreciate the qualities of diverse forms of art available in the Venice of the North. The idea was actually brought to Amsterdam by Josine Neyman and Kristel Mutsters, and together with a group of like-minded people they have run this unusual celebration annually for a couple of years already. The focus is always on the most surprising, inspiring, and thought-provoking works of arts presented in the most unusual, often secret, eerie and very mysterious places awaiting you between 19:00 and 7:00 the next day.

A taste of things to come

Prepare for a stunning mixture of fine arts, science, food, music, theatre, street performance, and more. To put it in a nutshell, this night belongs to art. To give you a general idea of what you should get ready for, here’s a brief summary of some of the highlights from the 2013 edition of the event. Last year you could visit, among others, the Industrieele Groote Club at the splendid Dam Square to take part in Night Academy – an inspiring discussion-type meeting devoted to the relationship between science and art. Another attraction was the project called ‘Syncity’, which was an ultra-futuristic and ultra-lively microcity settled by performes; it was organized in De Brakke Grond centre for culture, found in the picturesque area of Nes. There was also a Trading Dinner in Tobacco Theater, which aimed to lay grounds for less-usual negotiations – without money involved, and featuring food prepared by food designers, artists, and culinary experts. And all the music-lovers could attend Music for Maria – a DJ-packed event held at Bethaniënklooster – a former 15th-century monastery devoted to Maria Magdalena. How cool is that?

If this year’s edition is going to be just as exciting as the previous one (and we have no grounds to think otherwise), you should really consider a mid-day sleep-in to be ready for active participation in this one-of-a-kind blend of the visual, the auditory, and the sensory. And all of that over the course of 12 hours, so expect the unexpected, and be ready for absolutely anything, as this is surely a night to remember! To know the exact date of the next edition, and to get some info on the programme, visit