Renting Bikes in Amsterdam

Renting Bikes in Amsterdam


not see Amsterdam at a faster pace aboard two wheels? It’s the perfect way to

stay cool in the summer time.

The number one thing people notice when

they step out of Central Station is the sheer incredible number of bicycles in

the city of Amsterdam. Cycling is THE form of transport in the Netherlands and

has been for a very long time. The main reason it is so popular is the unique lay

of the land which is largely flat. In case you didn’t know, the Netherlands is

built upon reclaimed land from the sea so there are no natural hills. This is truly

wonderful news for whizzing about quickly on two wheels from A to B. Renting a

bicycle from one of the many hire shops in the city centre is one of the most

popular visitor activities all year round. If you are visiting the city for a

relaxing holiday then exploring Amsterdam at a leisurely pace comes highly

recommended. It’s not only a healthy, easy, and eco-friendly way to travel but

also quick, convenient, extremely cheap and lots of FUN!

In central Amsterdam over 60% of all trips

are made on a bicycle and there are an estimated one million bicycles in

regular use in the city. That’s more than one per person in the city. As a result

the infrastructure of the city has been designed with the bicycle in mind so

they really do seem to rule the city. When crossing streets on foot be sure to

look both ways as being run into by a speedy cyclist is no fun for either

party. The good news is that cyclists are very aware of inexperienced visitors

to the city. Holland’s bicycle friendly approach is of course far from common

in the rest of the world and you are likely to hear the friendly ring of metal

bells before any messy collision can occur.


Rental Shops in Amsterdam

There are so many bicycle hire shops in the

city centre today, all offering their own competitive prices. All of our

excellent short stay apartments are located within close vicinity of at least

one such bicycle rental facility. The general rule of

thumb is that the longer you hire the bike for, the cheaper it becomes per

hour. You can hire for just one hour if you really want to but bear in mind

that you need to get back in time for the check-in time. We would recommend

hiring bicycles for a minimum of 24 hours.

You will need to leave a form of official

ID at the office. Driving licences and passports are accepted. There will also

be a necessary returnable deposit and an optional insurance policy (around

three Euros normally).


and locking your bike.

You will be given two good quality locks

with the bicycle and you can park it up anywhere secure in the city. Be sure to

lock the bike to something permanently stationary like a railing or designated

bicycle park. Avoid attaching the lock to private property or trees who most

surely won’t appreciate a chain wrapped around their delicate bark! Also lock

your bikes together if possible. Sadly over 80,000 bicycles are stolen every

year in Amsterdam however the hire bicycles are less popular with thieves as

they are nearly impossible to sell. Now you know why so many people paint and

customise their bicycles to such garish extremes. Not only will it put off

potential thieves, it is much easier to spot your two wheels amongst a sea of

literally thousands of handlebars at the bicycle parking zone.


on the ‘not so mean’ streets of Amsterdam.

At first sight, particularly around Dam

Square, you might have extremely apprehensive feelings about climbing aboard

two wheels in this city. The bicycles appear to travel in huge packs,

particularly at rush hour and that is at first very daunting, no doubt. In

reality however cycling is extremely safe in the Netherlands as there are over

400kms of bike lanes in the city to use to get around. Most of the time you

will have lots of space around you. Unlike in other European cities you are

almost always separated from the main traffic on major roads. You have right of

way unless the traffic lights suggest other ways. Junctions even feature

special bicycle traffic lights specifically for cyclists. Follow the lights and

cycle to the right at all times and all will be fine. If you are worried about

large junctions, of which there are very few in central Amsterdam, then simply

hop off and wheel the bike along the pavement if you feel safer.



You will notice people very very rarely

wear cycle helmets in Amsterdam. This remains a controversial issue up for

regular debate with the government and health and safety organisations. Many visitors to the city are alarmed at the

number of small children being escorted around town on the back, front and side

of bicycles by their parents, again with no kind of head protection. Often older children are simply balanced on

the back with no form of seat belt. However there is no denying it is safer to

cycle in Amsterdam than in any other European city in the world. Collisions

occur generally with other cyclists (at slower speeds than cars) and with

absent minded pedestrians. Helmets and seat belts would of course still make

for a safer outcome.

City Bicycle Rental Companies




Bloemgracht 68-70, 1015 TL AMSTERDAM

Tel: (0031) 20-6263721



Rent-a-bike Beursstalling

– (No website)

Damrak 247, 1012 ZJ AMSTERDAM

Tel: (0031) 20 6223207


Bike Tours


Kerkstraat 134, 1017 GP AMSTERDAM

Tel: (0031) 20 6227970




Gerard Doustraat 153, 1073 VW AMSTERDAM

Tel: (0031) 615684831



Piet Heinkade 11A, 1019 BR AMSTERDAM

(0031) 20-4199063


Yellow Bike


Nieuwezijds Kolk 29, 1012 PV AMSTERDAM Tel:

(0031) 20 6206940



Rent A Bike


Damstraat 20-22, 1012 JM AMSTERDAM Tel:

(0031) 20 6255029


Mac Bike Rental –


Mac Bike Central Station Oost Shop

– Stationsplein 12, 1012 AB

Amsterdam Tel: (0031) 20 4285778

Mac Bike Central Station West Shop –

Stationsplein 33, 1012 AB

Amsterdam Tel: (0031) 20 625 3845

Mac Bike Waterlooplein Shop

– Waterlooplein 199, 1011 PG

Amsterdam Tel: (0031)20 4287005

Mac Bike Head Office

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 114

, 1011 LX Amster

dam Tel:

(0031) 20 620 09 85

Mac Bike Leidseplein

Weteringschans 2, 1017


Tel: (0031) 20 5287688


This information was accurate at time of posting but often establishments change without notice. Please be sure to confirm details directly with the locations before making plans. Copyright 2013.