The Erotic Museum – Your Personal Guide to Intense Pleasures

The Erotic Museum – Your Personal Guide to Intense Pleasures

Placed in the heart of the Red Light District in

Amsterdam, right next to the famous windows where you can directly interact

with gorgeous working young ladies, the Erotic Museum pleases the eyes and

fantasies of its visitors through a fully fledged display of sex related

objects and stories. Take a stroll from your apartment to the Museum so you can

charge up your libido and imagination for more intense hedonistic encounters

later on.


you walk on the main canal street on Oude Zijds Achterburgwal, you will notice

a red sign with two hearts on display situated in a beautiful authentic old

Dutch house. By the time you have arrived at the door, you will already had

experienced the tempting sexual environment thanks to the numerous nearby

working hot ladies sending you inviting winks for a pleasurable time in their

company. Following your curiosity and vibe, you pay the 7 euro entrance fee,

and you walk inside after noticing a gable stone dating since 1685 on which it

is written in Dutch “God is my citadel”.


soon as you stepped in, you will be convinced that this museum is not a venue

where you want to bring your children or anyone that has a prude mind for that

matter. It is indeed a place of voyeurism where your wildest imagination and

dreams can be teased in an electrifying arousing atmosphere. You can think of

it as an opportunity to improve your general knowledge about sexuality, and its

unlimited boundaries of imagination.


the venue, be prepared for surreal erotic moments as you cruise through the

various differently themed rooms around the house. At the entrance, you will be

welcome by the mannequin of a typical Dutch girl riding a bike but at the same

time transporting a special dildo which is penetrating her as she is pedalling

around. After admiring such a lovely sight, you will have the chance to check

out the various small rooms where you will find an abundance of pleasure

objects, paintings, prints, and funny cartoons. An entire floor is naturally

dedicated to Sado Masochism with various dungeons, and special masks, tools,

and pictures inviting you on the dark side for some future experiences. All

items are available for purchase so this is your chance to impress your friends

through a very creative and different type of gift making.


of the most interesting parts of the museum is its Sexy Art Gallery section.

Here, you will be introduced to a large array of creative artistic impressions

of eroticism as imagined by worldwide artists, and put in place through prints

and drawings. Even John Lennon has contributed to the collection so take your

time, and slowly admire through the amusing collected works.


fun areas within the Erotic Museum include the replica of a Red Light District

Alley which takes you to a similar type of room to those where you can enjoy

the services of the working ladies, and a screening room where you can watch a very

fun and hardcore erotic cartoon featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

presented in a different light than what you have ever imagined before.

The Erotic Museum has received external

reputable praise for its uniqueness and fun content being nominated by the

Timeout Amsterdam as one of the best places to visit in the beautiful city so

do not miss this intense experience while you are cruising through the Red Light