The Fault in Our Stars – A romantic movie which features the magnificent city of Amsterdam

The Fault in Our Stars – A romantic movie which features the magnificent city of Amsterdam

Opening at cinemas across the world during the summer

of 2014, the must see movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ was filmed at various

locations throughout the vibrant city of Amsterdam, many of which are just

minutes away from several of our Amsterdam holiday apartments. Whilst visiting the city, why not explore the

wonderful sights and attractions that the main characters Hazel & Gus

sampled during their trip.

Based upon

the best-selling novel by John Green and directed by Josh Boone, this

tear-jerking film tells the story of two teenagers – Hazel (played by Shailene

Woodley) and Gus (played by Ansel Elgort), who meet at a cancer support

group. Hazel is suffering from thyroid

cancer and relies on an oxygen tank to help her breathe, whilst Gus is in

remission from osteosarcoma, which led to the amputation of his leg. During the movie, the pair take a trip to the

beautiful city of Amsterdam to meet up with the author of Hazel’s favourite

book – Van Houten (played by Willem Defoe).


their time in Amsterdam, the couple explore many of the city’s well known

sights and attractions, as well as sampling some of Amsterdam’s much-loved

restaurants and cafes and walking along the network of picturesque canals. It is within the world famous Anne Frank

House Museum, a typical canal-side house which is where Anne Frank wrote her

iconic diary whilst she and her Jewish family hid from the Nazis during World

War II, that the characters enjoy their first kiss.

The film

also showcases Amsterdam’s incredible Vondelpark, which is undoubtedly one of

the city’s most popular public parks.

Spanning out across an impressive 120 acres, the park attracts a

staggering 10 million visitors every single year and is brimming with beautiful

scenery and fantastic facilities. It is

within the Vondelpark that many of the film’s scenes were captured and is also

where you will find the old film museum and ‘Hazel’s Tree’.

In the

streets surrounding the park, which are also where many of our Amsterdam

holiday apartments can be found, several more memorable places from the movie

can be located, including Van Houten’s house and the Hotel Filosoof, where

Hazel and Gus stay. Other notable

attractions featured in the film, such as the charming Cheese Museum, Spui

Square and the Tulip Museum, are also within easy reach.


pivotal scene from the movie shows Hazel and Gus sat together on a bench

overlooking the canal, this bench has recently caught the headlines as it

mysteriously disappeared following filming.

Rumour had it that the bench had been taken by avid fans of the film,

who wanted to keep it as an item of memorabilia, however

it has since been returned to its rightful place and can be found upon the

banks of Amsterdam’s majestic Leidsegracht Canal.


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