Trouw Amsterdam

Trouw Amsterdam

This former newspaper office turned into a

cultural highlight of Amsterdam is an absolute must visit during your stay in

the Dutch Capital. The grand building used to serve as a publishing factory for

one of the most leading newspapers in the Netherlands. This fact will strike

you as obvious when entering Trouw; in the basement you still find some old

newspaper presses left behind and the industrial atmosphere of the building is

exquisitely combined with stylish decoration.

Restaurant Trouw


experience kicks off with the restaurant located in the front of the building.

The Mediterranean feeling is not just noticeable in the decorations, but also

in the food that’s served. Unlike most restaurants, at Trouw, instead of each

person ordering their own meal, you order per table and share the food that is

being served.

The menu is

inspired by the Mediterranean & north African kitchen and most of the

ingredients are selected from the area and dayfresh when served on your plate.

During the summertime the terrace is open, so you’ll be able to enjoy food with

friends with your feet touching the grass.

De Verdieping

On the

first floor of Trouw you find “De Verdieping”.

In a literal translation this means floor, but in this context the more

figuratively translation of “going in depth” is more appropriate. This area is

used by contemporary artists as a cultural hotspot for exhibitions, movienights

and live performances. In this matter Trouw is trying to stimulate the vibrant

young artistic subculture in Amsterdam by giving young artists a chance to

present their work to the public.

The goal of

the project is to use minimal resources to create a maximal cultural

experience. This being done by not only the artists themselves but also

inspiring visitors to contribute to the exhibitions when possible. Making it a

perfect place to indulge yourself into the Dutch cultural atmosphere.

Club Trouw

In case the

restaurant & cultural experience didn’t convince you already to grant Trouw

with a visit, the night club might just do the trick. The room that used to

host the gigantic newspaper presses is now turned into a club. Stripes of thick

glass allow you to look into the floor below you and still see some of the

newspaper presses. This combined with the amazing lightshows and decoration you

instantly feel that you are spending your night in one of the most amazing

clubs of Amsterdam.


during the weekends it hosts DJ’s from all over the world and is known among

the locals in Amsterdam as one of the best spots to experience Amsterdam

nightlife. Club, minimal and techno will generally be the music genres to dance

the night away to.


Trouw is

located on

Wibautstraat 127 which is

easy to reach by metro (get off at metrostop Wibautstraat). The Amstel House Apartment is located on a

walking distance from Trouw and it would be a great pick for a group of max. 6

guests looking for a great Amsterdam experience. If you’re staying in another

area of Amsterdam you can use public transportation to reach Trouw and if you’re

staying for a night of dancing, a line of taxi’s will be waiting at the club to

take you home after. You can find out more information about using the public transport system in the city by clicking on the video below.

Practical information

On the

website of Trouw ( you can find the menu of the restaurant as

well as the program of the club. The website is available in English and on the

website you can also find all the contact information if case you want to make

a reservation (which is a good idea if you want to have dinner) or have any


When you’re going to visit the club, be aware of

the fact that it’s normal to have to buy tickets to get in, and that sometimes

they are only available on the website, so check it before leaving your