Exploring the hidden gems of Amsterdam: Beyond the tourist spots

Amsterdam is a city that is rich in history, culture, and unique experiences. But there is more to discover than the well-known tourist attractions like the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and the canals.   Local markets Albert Cuyp Market: Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Amsterdam’s largest street market with 260 market stalls […]

Accepting card payments from your guests
Accepting card payments from your guests? Choose the payment terminal that fits your situation. As an apartment owner or rental agency, you want to make it easy for your guests to pay their balance due. Accepting card payments is a professional, efficient, and profitable way, but which of the available payment terminals is suitable for [...]
Living on a canal houseboat in Amsterdam, make your dream a reality
Nestled amongst the picturesque 17th century warehouses, townhouses and lovely bridges that light up and reflect in the water at night, you can hardly be closer to the Amsterdam canals than staying on a houseboat. It started in the sixties when transport went less over water and was taken over by trucks. Many redundant boats [...]
King’s Day Amsterdam 2017
King's Day, the party of the year in Amsterdam. Save the date: 27 April. Koningsdag is one of the biggest street parties in Amsterdam to celebrate the King's birthday. Thousands of boats with partying people fill the canals. Expect a lively atmosphere and big crowds, Amsterdam’s population on King’s Day is twice that of any [...]
Summer 2016 and 2017 in Amsterdam – hit the festivals or chill in style
Amsterdam is a city of festivals, the majority of which take place on those long, sun blazed summer days and evenings that make you wish you had a lifetime to spend in this city. No fewer than 300 festivals take place this year, and a little company called Amsterdam Marketing has been commissioned with a [...]
King’s Day 2017 – the bricks and mortar version of eBay
Traditionally, the Dutch know themselves to be either cunning traders or preachers with pointed fingers, yet on King’s Day all fingers go. It seems that literally everybody will engage in the activity of commerce at the most basic level when knickknacks that have been saved up for the preceding 12 months are displayed on blankets [...]
How to celebrate the Van Gogh Memorial Year in Amsterdam and places
This year marks the 125th anniversary of the death of Vincent van Gogh and in case you’re planning a visit to the Van Gogh museum of Amsterdam, you’ll find yourself in the company of an estimated 180,000 international visitors wanting to take stock of the artist's legacy. According to the people making this prognosis, around half [...]
Rijks throws generation Y Rembrandt party
The Rijksmuseum appears to have a permanent deal on offer; for every generation that grows up, it organises one Rembrandt exhibition. Every twenty years or so, the old Master is broadly measured out by the museum. The Rijks’, already kind of obsessed with the painter on a regular day, then pulls out all the stops to prime the latest [...]
7 Tips to enjoy a godly meal out in Amsterdam
You can go on a culinary tour of the world in Amsterdam and spend weeks, if not months, before you arrive ‘back home’ again. There are many options to choose from! However, only a few maverick cooks at restaurants are active in the gastronomic jubilance spectrum. To make sure your evening out is unforgettable, take [...]
2015 Anne Frank visitor number rises to 347 people per hour
Most people visiting Amsterdam pay a visit to the Anne Frank House, so it should be no wonder that this museum continues to top the bill of most popular tourist activities in Amsterdam. But it appears that Anne Frank’s fame is ever growing. Last year, the Anne Frank House drew another record number of visitors. A [...]