The Dutch language – what you should bother to learn

So you’ve landed in Amsterdam and want to take a break from your smartphone, even though those translation apps sound rather a lot of fun. You’re doing the right thing, because chances are that you won’t need to speak a word of Dutch during your stay in Amsterdam. Most of the population in the Netherlands […]

The best spots to see stunning sunsets in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s sunsets are famous. A cityscape of water and architecture makes for breathtaking panoramas. June is about the best time to be looking out for spectacular sunsets as the coming of the Summer Solstice delivers some of the longest days of the year. Expect the sun to set at around 10pm during these weeks and […]

6 favorite spots of Amsterdam’s locals

So you want to do Amsterdam like the locals do it. Good for you. Why fall into the tourist trap when you can crank things up a notch relatively easily and have a way more authentic experience?! Here’s a few of my favourite Saturday hangouts. -One of the best Amsterdam streets to relax and enjoy […]

Why you should choose Amsterdam Apartments over AirBNB accommodation

Amsterdam Apartments we know all the home owners personally. True, the rise of AirBNB and similar trust-based private vacation rental platforms is costing the professional hospitality industry billions in annual revenues. The Amsterdam AirBNB scene is thriving and yes, we are envious, but all being equal, there are some issues you should know about when […]

Hang out at the Dam square to see what it’s all about in Amsterdam

The Dam square is the heart of the historic centre of Amsterdam. It is not far from the train station; a 300 meter stretch only. Once you’ve arrived on the square, you have really arrived in Amsterdam.    The Dam is where it is at in this city. This is where the crowds, tourists and […]

The Dutch Royal Family – how easy going are they?

The Dutch Royal family is known for its easygoing, informal lifestyle. The royals cycle places, attend state schools and Queen Maxima is even a registered ‘lice mother’ – she inspects school children’s hair for head lice.  Rather than crowned, Dutch monarchs are inaugurated to their role as head of the royal family and the Dutch […]

English-language theatre in Amsterdam

Theatre lovers who do not speak a word of Dutch need not despair when they are visiting Amsterdam. When you are staying in an Amsterdam Apartments accommodation, chances are that you are located very closely to the centre of Amsterdam. And every night of the week, there are quality shows in English in theatres around […]

Amsterdam Street Art

Amsterdam ranks as the mother of the graffiti street art scene in Europe. Youngsters were ‘putting shit’, the inner circle jargon for spray painting public fixtures and fittings in the middle of the night, as early as the 1970s. This was well before anyone in London or Paris even thought about engaging in such questionable […]

How to avoid queuing at the Anne Frank house

Anne Frank’s diary is famous the world over. By now, the estimated sales of this diary are over 30 million, and annually around one million readers come to visit the Anne Frank house. Unsurprisingly, this number causes a slight logistical problem. The attic, as you will likely know, is only big enough for eight people. […]

Amsterdam in the movies

As far as cities can be photogenic, Amsterdam is easily a top contender in any beauty contest. The city has featured in various movies and if you look at the spots that were filmed, you will realise that those scout locators who do the groundwork for the film industry are as human as you and […]