Leidse Square apartments

Leidse Square Amsterdam apartments

The central hub of the city’s most popular day and night time entertainment has to be the eponymous Leidse Square. It is located almost opposite the beautiful Vondelpark entrance at the southern end of Amsterdam’s central Canal Belt, at the end of Leidsestraat. This large plaza incorporates shops, huge hotels, theatres, cafes, cinemas, a gig and concert hall, nightclubs, bars, countless international eateries and even a delightful fountain. There is always something exciting going on here both day and night and it’s a great place to observe some talented street theatricals in the summer months. We offer many Leidse Square apartments for those people who enjoy to be in the middle of this dynamic area!

The Leidseplein is also a major stop for all of the city’s transport with a number of tram lines intersecting here. You can also catch a taxi here but be sure to ask the price before jumping inside or insist that the meter is turned on to measure your journey accurately.

Our Leidse Square Apartments
We have a wide range of outstanding properties of varying sizes available within the immediate vicinity of Leidse Square. Simply state the date of your visit at the top of this page and click the search button for availability information. Below you will find our most popular Leidse Square apartments and a link to all apartments near the Leidse Square. If you need further assistance or have any questions then please contact our helpful and friendly support team.

Most popular Leidse Square apartments

Leidse square (Leidseplein), Amsterdam

Leidse square, Amsterdam

Leidse Square Tips

The plaza is a great place to grab a tasty bite to eat and a few Dutch beers outside under the huge umbrellas in the warmer months. If you enjoy live music then the Paradiso and Melkweg (Milky Way) are Amsterdam’s most popular music venues to visit here in the square. The latter venue used to be a dairy in a former life and the huge building now houses two good sized concert halls that are booked up in advance with all kinds of musical performances. Be sure to check their website in advance of your holiday to see who is playing during your visit. You will also find a theatre, cinema, art gallery and café in the complex. At weekends it is also open as a very popular nightclub. If you are a fan of stand-up comedy then be sure to visit the extremely funny American/Dutch review bar Boom Chicago which is located at the corner of the square. You can purchase dinner and a comedy show together if you wish but you may not wish to sit too near the stage in case the act steals your chips. It’s also difficult to eat and laugh at the same time!

Amsterdam is littered with unusual public artworks on the walls, streets and hanging from buildings. One of the most popular and surprising is located on the edge of the eastern side of Leidse Square on a tiny patch of grass known locally as Iguana Park, or Lizard Park. At first you won’t notice them but as you get closer you will see a large number of life size and very realistic bronze castings of lizards and iguanas climbing the walls and lying amongst the grass. Many people stop, point and scream when they first notice them. A great place for an unusual photo opportunity.

1. Celebrity cocktails at Hard Rock Café
2. Cool beers at The Watering Hole
3. Smooth Guinness at Café Hoopman Irish bar
4. Pre-dinner drinks at Blinq

1. Chow down on some real steak at Café de Koe
2. Wi-Fi and waffles at De Bailie
3. Delicious Indionesian rice-tables at Puri Mas
4. Late night emergency food at Sen Supermarket
5. Antipasti at the Palladium

1. Buy T-shirts at the Bulldog Palace
2. Get lost in Europe’s largest Apple Store
3. Unique clothing boutiques on the Leidsestraat

1. Look out for the lizards in Iguana Park
2. Live jazz at Bourbon Street Jazz & Blues Club
3. Live comedy at Boom Chicago USA/Dutch comedy review bar
4. Live music at the legendary Melkweg
5. Hire bikes and cycle round the Vondelpark