Over 250 Ingenious Pop Up Venues liven up Amsterdam

Over 250 Ingenious Pop Up Venues liven up Amsterdam

Pop ups are a favourite of many and seem to suit a city like Amsterdam with its tolerance of new ideas especially well. Amsterdam, where everything seems easy, fun and manageable, offers the perfect backdrop for these temporary outbursts of creativity. So it is not surprising that the first edition of a mega pop up explosion is about to happen. Yes, you read it right, Amsterdam has its very own Pop Up Week! 

It is taking place between September 18th and 28th and will feature unparalleled levels of creativity, as over 250 cultural institutions, entrepreneurs and private Amsterdam locals make things happen that you generally don’t experience in a city. Even though the event is called Pop Up Week, the spectacle covers eleven days of thematic pop ups in and around the city which show off Amsterdam at its most creative, lively and innovative. 

Ever fancied a sleepover in an art gallery? A dinner in a horse stable? The Pop Up Week will organise similar and weirder things. For instance, it is possible to test new food concepts with a master chef, because the famous Jean Beddington is participating. Even though it is not clear to me what might happen if you test new food concepts, I would think myself sane to assume that the defining factor here would be edibility, but you will have to see for yourself. 

The same goes for the other activities. Art gallery curators have pulled out all the stops to come up with the most off the wall (pun intended) projects, musicians are hell-bent on enlivening dull or musically ignored environments in unexpected ways and of course there will be the necessary fashion events. Serious architects are to display ingenious designs and you should also expect ideas from a mix of other artists featuring the best on sustainable living.
I myself might be participating in something labelled the Exstatic Dance Hippy Style event, which offers an enticing no booze, no shoes, no chit chat dance evening. Or perhaps I will give one of the yoga events a try. Or I might commandeer a few friends to spend their excess energy on a black light rollerdisco for the sheer fun of it.   

The festival offers something for everybody, and many activities are also suitable for children.There are numerous foreign influences too. For instance, have you ever heard of Kubb? Apparently it’s the way Finnish people go about clay pigeon shooting. The organisers, a company called Original Longdrink, explain that Kubb is an old Nordic lawn game that was dreamt up by the Vikings. The object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. 

Less intensive but equally as much fun is the Bring Your Own Beamer event which takes place on the Dam. If you love weird films that you will literally only see once in a lifetime (think illegal bootlegs etc), now’s your chance… And fashionistas head to the Vondelpark where the impromptu ‘Conscious Hotel Vondelpark’ is erected as a pop up venue selling sustainable clothing. There are many other fashion tents throughout the city. 

And not unimportant; most of the events are free, but you will probably need tickets. Just check out the website of the festival to find venues and dates.