Realisme Art Fair in Schiphol Passenger Terminal: 16-19 January

Realisme Art Fair in Schiphol Passenger Terminal: 16-19 January

The annual Realisme Art Fair in the Passenger Terminal of Schiphol Airport starts on January 16th and is definitely worth your while. The four day show sums up perfectly what the European art world has come to. A huge number of renowned galleries source works, all eager to present and sell works by both Dutch and international artists who they think represent the current trends in the figurative and realistic genres best.  

Apparently, Realisme is Holland’s only art fair dedicated solely to these genres. Both established artists with a respectable oeuvre and young up-and-coming talent are represented. This 2014 edition of Realisme will also feature a 3D exhibition and 3D photo booth.  The 3D show has been put together by Majke Hüsstege, and features art made with the help of a 3D printer. Artists Hüsstege has included in her display include Ilse Vermeulen and Eric van Straaten. Both are exhibited on the Panorama deck.  

The artist Robert Roelink has made an art installation in the hall above the exhibition stands featuring a massive plastic cloud which is kept in shape artificially. I won’t tell you how because that would be a spoiler. 

Go and see this very appropriate-for-an-airport work for your self when you are taking a break and are visiting Amsterdam. Or you can take a snapshot of your very own body in the 3D photobooth for that matter. Whilst you wait, a mini you will be printed out in 3D (what else!) which you will be able to take home and show your friends.

This year’s 27 national and international participating galleries include artKitchen Gallery, ARTITLED! contemporary art, Contempo Galeria, Galery Contrast, Galerie Mokum and Galerie de Vis. According to the folks at you meet and mingle with local artists at the cafés and bars nearby.

The event ends on January 19th. Tickets cost around 12 euros.