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Rembrandt Square Apartments in Amsterdam

Rembrandtplein, as it is known locally, or Rembrandt Square is one of the city’s most popular entertainment areas. Located close to the mouth of the River Amstel in the very centre of the city, it is only a short walk from Dam Square and Central Station. Extremely popular with visitors to Amsterdam, it is often the first port of call for those looking to grab a bite to eat with several glasses of cold Dutch beer before a big night out on the town or a wander around the nearby Red Light District and its many popular watering holes. Around the edge of the square you will find wall to wall restaurants, cafes and bars with lots of tables and seating outside. Later into the night the area really comes to life and you will find many popular nightclubs including the famous Escape and Club Rain. In the centre of the square stands a simple concrete raised area with a small fountain and tall statue of Rembrandt himself. At different times of the year it is converted into anything from a European market to a giant outdoor dance floor and even an ice rink in the cold winter months.

The square has been a popular meeting area for the local community since its original creation in 1668 as a dairy market. The addition of hotels, shops, eateries and the welcome flurry of financial investment through the 20th century led to the vibrant plaza we see standing today. We have many wonderful Rembrandt Square Apartments for you to search and book.

Our Rembrandt Square Apartments
Since Rembrandt Square is an extremely popular location with visitors throughout the year we offer a range of outstanding Rembrandt Square apartments of varying sizes for hire close by. To see their specific location and availability information simply state the date of your visit at the top of this page and click the search button. If you need further assistance or have any questions then please contact our helpful and friendly support team.

Below you find our most popular Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Apartments and a link to all apartments near the Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam.

Most popular Rembrandt Square apartments

Blue bridge (Blauwe brug) and Stopera, Amsterdam

Blue bridge and Stopera, Amsterdam

Rembrandt Square Tips

The square offers a broad range of eating and drinking opportunities with a palate for all tastes. You will find traditional Dutch ‘brown cafes’ here as well as nationally themed ones including British so there is definitely no reason to miss out on your beloved English fry-up in the mornings. A popular and rather unusual drinking location lies on the edge of the square. Known as the XtraCold Icebar, its interior is kept at a permanent temperature of minus10 degrees celsius and you will find the walls, bar, stools and even glasses made entirely of ice.

Just behind the Rembrandt Square lies the Pathe Tuschinski, possibly the world’s most beautiful cinema. This 90 year-old picture house has been preserved in all its original Art Deco glory and the exterior is just as exciting as the inside. If you have time, pop inside and see the amazing foyer with its undulating colour changing ceiling. The cinema seats 2000 people and has three tiers as well as stalls seating therefore it really feels more like a theatre than a cinema. This is where all the biggest Dutch film premieres are held.

A few minutes’ walk away lies the famous Floating Flower Market where you can see all kinds of exotic plants and seeds. It is also possible to make arrangements with the stall holders to send authentic Dutch tulip bulbs to loved ones back home as a unique souvenir of your holiday in the city.

1. Dutch dinners at Café Schiller
2. Lunch al fresco on the square
3. Meat feast at Three Sisters Steak House
4. Delicious Indonesian rice-tables at Indrapura

1. Smooth Guinness at the Old Bell
2. Juggling bar men at Door 74
3. Cocktails at l’Opera Grand Café
4. Irish Coffee at De Kroon

1. Get branded at the Heineken gift shop
2. Unique artwork, sculpture and jewellery for sale on the square
3. Be immortalised as a caricature
4. Cheese and Dutch souvenirs at Cheese and More

1. Chill out at XtraCold Icebar
2. Strut your stuff at Club Rain and Escape
3. Sing-a-long at Café Bolle Jan
4. Magnificent Art Deco design at the Tuschinski Cinema