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The Amsterdam Markets Guide – Shop like you mean it!

Shopping is always fun, but what’s the point of traveling to a different/new city if you are only going to enter an enclosed air-conditioned shopping mall which might as well be anywhere else on the planet? Same brands, same goods, perhaps different prices but don’t tell me you traveled all the way to Amsterdam just to try and save a few bucks/euros on that enter_generic_brand_here coat or pair of pants? No, no, no…if you made it to Amsterdam and want to do some shopping – you really ought to check out the city markets. Not only are they all unique, but there’s quite a few around the city offering everything from food and clothes to electronics, souvenirs, art and second hand goods. And they really are in Amsterdam – you can see it, you can feel it, and you can even smell it in the air.

The Ten Commandments to follow while you’re in the Venice of the North – a selection of 10 Dos and Don’ts .

If you’re planning a trip to the one and only Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands and the Mecca of some of the most amazing sights and attractions in Europe (if not in the world), it’s quite easy to get lost already at the starting point. After all, the broad spectrum of options may make your head dizzy. However, if you remember about the 10 useful tips listed below, moving around and about the city should a fun experience and a piece of cake – a delicious one, too.

Amsterdam Cheese Museum – Offering a superb taste of Dutch life

Overlooking the Prinsengracht Canal and set within the city’s fashionable Jordaan district, this delightful little museum is one of Amsterdam’s true gems. Boasting a huge array of traditional Dutch cheeses, the Amsterdam Cheese Museum is an attraction not to be missed.

Amsterdam, everyone’s city

One of Europe’s most visited capitals Amsterdam isn’t just about the red lights and the smoke-filled cafes. Its relaxed atmosphere, the cultural history and varied activities on offer make it a desirable city amongst all age groups while the quality of its offerings keep people coming back for more and are also attracting many new visitors every year.

Eating fast and on the go – Amsterdam’s ‘fast food’ favourites

Many short stays in Amsterdam involve daily leisure outings, shopping, site seeing and business meetings or presentations so there isn’t always time to have a long sit down meal. We’ve rounded up a few of the best places to get a good meal or snack to fill that empty hole in your stomach so that you can quickly get back to your day.

Dutch fast food favourites

The Dutch are huge fans of deep fried food and love a trip to a ‘snackbar’ on most days. Snackbars sell the nations favourite fast foods and you can also get a lot of the most loved quick fixes on the streets thanks to the many street venders all over Amsterdam. So get your fingers dirty while on your leisure or business short stay and try out some of the nation’s favourite snacks.

Winkel 43

When you hear the words “apple pie”, naturally the first thing that comes to your mind is your grandmother, auntie, and also the great United States. I say the United States because this sweet pie stars in so many movies, stands outside windows to chill while various people or animals sniff it, grandmas pedal them gaining themselves the ‘saint’ title and we all drool! In many bakeries or diners, you can ask for it sugar free! How is it made? Natural apple juice, natural sugars. In fact my American apple pie memories are connected to when I was waiting tables on my student days; once I served it to a regular customer with melted American cheese on it, and to my double shock, everybody knew how he wanted it. Never wondered what it tastes like. Never.

More about Winkel 43
Marqt on Overtoom

If you’re after some shopping, but looking for something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary, then forget places like Super de Boer or Albert Heijn. Of course, they are there whenever and wherever you might need them, but if you’re visiting Amsterdam, you should definitely go more ‘local’ and check out the organic-oriented Mecca of everything fresh and tasty – the Marqt on Overtoom in the exciting area of Vondelbuurt.

The Albert Cuyp Market

Known as Amsterdam’s biggest street market the Albert Cuyp Market is a buzzing market located in the Old Pijp area. Selling your typical market products - fresh produce, clothes, flowers and foods - it’s probably nothing different to your local market back home but it does make for a great few hours browsing the stalls, mixing with the locals and trying some of the fantastic freshly made food.