Top-rated Amsterdam tourism apps

Top-rated Amsterdam tourism apps

Most people who travel are happy to ditch the phone during their first few days, but then gradually slide back into the habit of making clever use of technology whenever the occasion dictates it. And boy are smart solutions enticing when you are traveling… 

Here’s a few apps that might not only come in handy when you’re exploring Amsterdam, but which might save you much time hanging around closed museums or going in the wrong direction. Of course there are plenty more apps out there, but these are a few of the ones I find work particularly well when travelling in Amsterdam.  
1) iAmsterdam City Guide – This app is great when it’s your first time in this city. The app provides maps which you can use offline. It also links in with the iAmsterdam Card, which might save you heaps of cash on transport and attractions. It’s a free app and the information about landmarks in the city is of high quality. You really cannot go wrong with the iAmsterdam City Guide, especially during cultural events and festivals, because newsfeeds are kept up to date. The app will also keep you up to the minute on art exhibitions, concerts, local markets, delicatessen shops, quirky boutiques and restaurants.

2) For those who want to stick to their guns and not rely on technology except in extreme circumstances, there’s the Amsterdam2Go offline searchable map. This is as basic as an app can get. There is a little bit of guidance on transportation and city landmarks, but as for the best restaurants, shops, shows etc, you’ll have to use your wits. The map is entirely offline, so no internet is required.

3) Amsterdam Unlike City Guide – Don’t let the name of this app put you off; the Amsterdam Unlike City Guide is chockablock with hip and trendy venues, shops, restaurants, cultural outlets and more. It’s a great app for current events such as concerts. If you use the information on this app in combination with the iAmsterdam City Guide, you won’t miss any of the hot events.  

4) The awardwinning Telegraph Travel app has a great section on Amsterdam. Only the best of Amsterdam is featured on this app, which has been compiled by resident experts. Navigating the free app is easy. Plenty of great information with first hand reviews of attractions, restaurants, bars, the beach and a number of high quality shops. The app makers have your best interests at heart, as you don’t need to incur roaming charges through a telecoms connection – just switch on GPS to track your movements and finding your way around is a breeze. The categories in this app make it all the more negotiable, and make sure you read the tips too, because they will enable you to dodge those queues on occasion, or equip you to get the best table or save money. There are even a few customised itineraries, to help you plan hours ahead.  

5) The iPlace Amsterdam Airport Schiphol app is great for people who await others. The app taps into real-time arrival and departure information, terminal information, gate numbers, flight status and will even reveal belt numbers for luggage arrival/reclaim. You can use this app to make the most of your time in Amsterdam, because it allows you to track the arrival of your friends or family up to the second. Note that it does not guide you around the shops of the airport, but that it is purely an incredibly precise flight checker.