When your passion for fashion knows no bounds – head to Amsterdam

When your passion for fashion knows no bounds – head to Amsterdam

Fashionistas visiting Amsterdam have plenty of opportunities to enjoy great quality fashion designers. Avant garde designers like Jan Taminiau have attached their fame and fortunes to the city. Taminiau is a favorite of not only the Dutch queen who happened to wear a dress made by him at the recent coronation but also of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.  

The dress Lady Gaga wears in her recent video clip ‘You and I’ has been designed by Jan Taminiau (a previous version featured in his Fall/Winter 2011 collection as the Ruched Dress) and it is not the first time the singer opted for one of his designs. Gaga has a thing for Dutch designers, it seems, because in the past she’s been photographed too in designs of Viktor & Rolf.

According to the Dutch press, the person who directed Lady Gaga to the Dutch designers is her own stylist Nicola Formichetti, who happens to also head up the fashion department at the Japanese Vogue Hommes empire. Beyonce is also wearing a pair of crazy, high heeled shoes that resemble believe it or not, pigs’ trotters (but perhaps I am envious), by Taminiau on the cover of her most recent album.  

Much of the spirit of success is always tangibly alive at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Even if your visit to Amsterdam does not coincide with the event, you can still experience the lively vibe thanks to Fasion LAB, which was launched in July 2013. This laboratory for talent and innovation ongoing throughout the year and includes workshops, lectures, presentations, talkshows and even speed dates to bring creative ideas together!  

Themes of recent events, organised in collaboration with cultural centre Pakhuis de Zwijger have included ‘Ecology’, ‘Creativity vs Commerce’, ‘Designer Relationships’ and ‘Catwalk Preparation’. For upcoming events, you simply visit the website of the organisation.  

Taminiau’s place is on the outskirts of Amsterdam and the designer is not immediately accessible to the public other than via Twitter, but he’s deeply involved in all matters Amsterdam and has said that as an Ambassador for the city he proposes buildings to be treated the way he treats fashion – by giving plenty of attention to the romantic and nostalgic concept.

This would include combinations of old and new buildings, and ‘raw’ details combined with fragile aspects. One of his most famous examples of this philosophy is the so-called post office bag coat, a garment made partially of the raw materials used by the Dutch post office.