Why you should choose Amsterdam Apartments over AirBNB accommodation

Why you should choose Amsterdam Apartments over AirBNB accommodation

Amsterdam Apartments we know all the home owners personally.

True, the rise of AirBNB and similar trust-based private vacation rental platforms is costing the professional hospitality industry billions in annual revenues.

The Amsterdam AirBNB scene is thriving and yes, we are envious, but all being equal, there are some issues you should know about when it comes to the difference between Amsterdam Apartments and renting with a private host through sites like AirBNB.

The most important difference between Amsterdam Apartments and AirBNB really makes all the difference; anyone can post a listing on AirBNB and get it okayed by the site without even so much as an inspection, whereas at Amsterdam Apartments we know all the home owners personally. What’s more, we inspect the apartments on our list regularly to check that all safety regulations have been met with and that they are clean. In our experience, these inspections are vital for the well being of holiday makers. We frequently find ourselves refusing apartments that look immaculate, picture perfect even, but fail on safety or other issues.

Horror stories involving AirBNB are emerging around the world and frequently involve the listing of non-existing apartments. The example of Tijn Hoekstra, a Dutch professional from Laren is a textbook case of how scammers work; Hoekstra, a worldly wise individual who works in the financial industry, was lured to an AirBNB phishing website, where he paid 7,500 euros online for an apartment which did not exist. Hoekstra probably will not be able to claim back his losses from AirBNB, and is only one of many people who have fallen victim to criminals exploiting AirBNB. 

Renting an Amsterdam Apartment accommodation is much safer, as we visit each and every apartment before we include it on our register, and after it has been rented. For a quick idea of how we manage our accommodations, click here.

Of course the trust-me economy is a great thing. But to avoid abuse, the AirBNB industry needs to mature for a lot longer before it can be deemed safe. Amsterdam Apartments offers what AirBNB does, without the risks.

In case you are looking for a private rental accommodation, which benefits from a fully legal set up, look no further. We have a dedicated customer service team of knowledgeable professionals who know Amsterdam and who have years of experience in the hospitality industry. If you want to come to Amsterdam and get close to the locals – stay safe and rent with Amsterdam Apartments.

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