Accepting card payments from your guests

Accepting card payments from your guests

Accepting card payments from your guests? Choose the payment terminal that fits your situation.

As an apartment owner or rental agency, you want to make it easy for your guests to pay their balance due. Accepting card payments is a professional, efficient, and profitable way, but which of the available payment terminals is suitable for your situation?

What is a payment terminal?

A payment terminal or pin machine securely processes card payments. The payment terminal reads a payment card and processes the transaction. The received amounts are usually credited to the account the next business day. There are different types of terminals: fixed payment terminals, mobile payment terminals, and machines that look like a smartphone.

Mobile pin machine
fixed payment terminal

Mobile and fixed payment terminals, the main differences

A mobile pin machine uses a WIFI network. When fitted with a SIM card, your terminal can accept payments via 4G at any location.
Fixed pin machines are connected to the power grid. They use a fixed internet connection at locations such as business premises. You can use mobile terminals anywhere, but fixed payment terminals are often cheaper and do not require charging.

How do I choose the right payment terminal for my accommodation?

  1. Determine needs
    Mobile or fixed? Do you manage apartments at multiple locations? Then the flexibility of a mobile pin machine with a SIM card is your best option. You are not dependent on a power contact point or WIFI network; you can use the 4G network.
    A fixed payment terminal via fast Ethernet may be the best choice if you have a structure with multiple apartments or a central check-in point.What functions should your pin machine have?
    Think of e-receipts via SMS or email, paper receipts, giving tips, and many other options.
  2. Select suppliers
    Compare the suppliers’ prices and examine the transaction and subscription costs differences. Ensure a supplier also provides technical support and advice so you can rely on immediate help in case of problems.
  3. Confirm choice
    Discuss with the chosen supplier whether the choice from Step 1 is the right one for your business. They can help you with this so you get a payment terminal that fits your business and location.

Which payment cards are accepted?

With card machines, you can accept all types of debit cards, credit cards, and contactless payment methods such as Apple and Google Pay. But the costs per transaction can vary considerably.

Debit cards: Maestro, VPAY, Debit MasterCard, and Visa Debit. The costs per transaction are around 6 cents.

Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, JCB, UPI, Diners, AMEX. The costs vary from 1.25% (MasterCard & Visa) to 2.75% (JCB, UPI & Diners).

Should you rent or buy a payment terminal?

You can rent a payment terminal at monthly or annual fees, including service costs. After the rental period, you can choose a new model. Buying a pin machine has its advantages. It is your machine, and you are free to select a transaction processor. That is often different when renting. A pin machine lasts about six years; if you compare the investment with renting, you break even after nearly two years.

Where to order a pin machine?

“Easy Payments for personal advice and the payment terminal solution that fits your rental business”

If you are still determining whether renting or buying a pin machine is the right choice or need to know which terminal suits your situation, contact Easy Payments. They provide free advice on pin machines, functions, accepted payment cards, and transaction processing. With the right card payment solution, your customers can pay much more effortlessly, increasing your revenue!

Customer discount on transaction fees

Easy Payments offers attractive rates for accepting transactions with debit and credit cards. In addition, customers with a payment terminal from Easy Payments receive a discount on transaction fees. Furthermore, they provide reliable and widely recognized brands of pin machines, including Verifone, Ingenico, and PAX.

Personal customer service

Easy Payments makes a difference with personalized attention. In addition, customer service is available seven days a week for support.
Easy Payments is your gateway to card acquirers and guides you through the process of setting up contracts for transaction processing. This saves you much administrative hassle.

Get your quote from Easy Payments

You can contact them on weekdays between 08:45 and 17:15 at +31 204278344. Afterwards, you will receive a free quote for your selected product and services.

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