Amsterdam bike rentals

Amsterdam bike rentals

In my experience, the typical tourist in Amsterdam on a rental bike is Italian. They put their saddles too low, so their arms almost stretch reaching the handlebars. It almost affably redefines the word ‘push bike’. Strangely, the push bike concept is probably totally absent from the Italian mental repository. It is also non-existent in the Dutch consciousness. So it goes; tourist realities like these emerge wherever you look in Amsterdam, which is part of its confused cosmopolitan charm.

Amsterdam is filled to the brim with bike rental places. Look no further than the next corner when you’re at the Centraal Station, the Leidseplein or the Dam Square and you will be able to get yourself some temporary wheels. Due to the intense competition, it’s possible to get a multi-day deal for as little as €4/day. Average single-day rates are only €8. 

Renting a bike enables you to see Amsterdam at the pace you want and familiarise yourself with local life. When in Rome… In case you worry about how safe it is to cycle when you’re not all that experienced, you can opt to take a guided bicyle tour before venturing out on your own. Amsterdam trams are ferocious, but… they come equipped with bells, so they are not all that dangerous.

Mac Bike
This is the place all Italians go to – mark my words. MacBike started out as one of the first rental places in Amsterdam, so it’s probably out of an inborn sense of history that makes the Italians gravitate to this place. It is also one of the largest shops, with multiple outlets (CS, Leidseplein and Visserplein). You will get a map and have the option to go on a guided tour.  

Work cycles (Bakfiets)
In case you have children, you might opt for this place. WorkCycles rents out a vasr array of work bikes, delivery bicycles, cargo trikes and vending tricycles. Ideal for large families or groups. Apparently, the bikes are used regularly for airport transport, so if you wanted to collect a group of people from Schiphol, you could show up with work bike rentals. It will save on parking no doubt. Not sure if fresh arrivals would necessarily be gagging for a bikeride whilst they’re still unblocking their ear drums…
Mike's bike rental
This international venture is hugely popular with tourists on a budget. The company is located at the Leidseplein. Good looking mechanics will help you on your way.  

Damstraat Rent-A-Bike
Another popular haunt with tourists, this place is situated off Dam Square (Damstraat 20-22), so when you’re done feeding the pigeons with the children, you can head here to rent wheels and run over the same birds…  

StarBikes Rental
Starbikes are located behind the Centraal Station and compete with various other bikeshops, which is why their prices are relatively good for what you get. This place has very good bikes on offer and is classy all around. In case you are planning a picnic, you can buy a filled picnic basket to match your bike in the adjacent cafe, called StarBikes. Told you the cosmopolitanism of this city is confused… 

Bike City
In case you’re out and about in the Jordaan when you decide it’s time to embark on a bike journey, you don’t need to brave those throngs of tourists again, to find a bike rental shop; blend in with the locals and rent wheels on site, at Bike City. The bikes are free from all advertising and you will be supporting a business with green credentials. Be aware though that if the locals think you’e one of them, they will cut you little slack when you falter to switch lanes…Kidding! Everybody in Amsterdam automatically assumes you are a tourist, all the time and everywhere, no matter how failsafe your riding skills. When I am in Amsterdam I talk in English to everybody I do not know, just to save time – and I know that many other Dutch people do. So you’re absolutely safe. Bike City rents out push bikes as well as multi-speed bikes for serious journeys. Head for the Anne Frank House and ask around.