Amsterdam Museum – An attraction that’s not to be missed

Amsterdam Museum – An attraction that’s not to be missed

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Read on to hear why you should pay the Amsterdam Museum a visit during your trip to the city.

Whether you've booked to stay in Amsterdam for a fortnight or are just passing through for the weekend, there's one place you simply have to visit: the Amsterdam Museum.

Explore the city's rich and exciting history with a trip to the museum, which has just as much to offer locals as it does tourists and can tell you all you need to know about the story behind the capital.

Discover what Amsterdam was like through the ages by browsing the fantastic exhibitions, including Amsterdam DNA, a spectacle consisting of interactive images, sound and specially selected artefacts to provide an engaging and informative journey through seven main periods.

Another must-see installation at the museum is The Sound of Amsterdam, which allows visitors to experience all the different noises that were likely to have filled the city in 1895, 1935 and 2012, highlighting just how much it has changed in the past 100-odd years.

There are lots of great activities for kids as well, such as the Het Kleine Weeshuis (The Little Orphanage) display, which takes little ones on an adventure into life as an orphan during the 17th century. Designed for children aged four and above, the exhibition is hands-on and teaches history in a fun and practical way through calligraphy and cow-milking.

It is possible to tailor a trip to Amsterdam Museum exactly to your needs, with a range of different tours on offer. For those who prefer to absorb the exhibitions and displays at their own pace, there is an audio tour that comes in five different languages.

There is also the PinkPerspectives tour, which is a joint effort between the museum and Waag Society that consists of a walk around historical sights that have played a big part in the city's gay and lesbian scene.

As for what's coming up at the Amsterdam Museum, the building is going to be premiering the work of 15th to 16th century artist Jacob Cornelisz van Oostanen, the city's first artist to be known by name. There is so much to behold at the museum, so don't miss out – plus, it is right in the heart of the city so you won't have any trouble walking to it if you're staying in a central Amsterdam apartment.

Meta description: The Amsterdam Museum is a must-see for anyone planning a visit to the city as it is located in a fantastic central location and features a wealth of exciting exhibitions and workshops.