Anne Frank – the new stage show, collected works, pen pal memories

Anne Frank – the new stage show, collected works, pen pal memories

Just as the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam opened its temporary exhibition of the first international stage show about Anne Frank, the announcement was made that there will be a new international theatre piece in April 2014. 

The news could not have come at a better moment. The exhibition entitled “This play is a part of my life, Anne’s diary in the theatre and cinema” proves quite successful. The exhibition throws light on the 1955 stage play ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, based on Anne Frank’s diary, and the 1959 film of the same name, both of which were tremendously popular. The American actress Millie Perkins, who played the role of Anne Frank in the film, opened the exhibition. “Her diary just immediately hit me in my heart… I knew how important it was",  Perkins said. The exhibition will be on display in the Anne Frank House until mid-March 2014. 

Just a month later, the new stage production entitled ANNE will begin in a theatre built especially for this purpose, much like the Globe theatre in London, on the banks of the IJ river. The theatre will be permanent and is going to be located in Houthavens just north east of the Westerpark, where many rentals by Amsterdam Apartments are situated. Anne will be played by 27-year old actress Rosa da Silva and after the Amsterdam show, the company will travel to various international locations, to perform the play in English.    

All in all, there will be plenty to look forward to on the Anne Frank front in the near future and if this isn’t enough, there’s also the new publication of all Anne’s works in a new bundle. The 800-page book has just come out in Dutch and I have scoured the internet high and low for news of translations – to no avail thus far. But it would not be surprising if this work was translated soon – it’s not as if there is no interested audience out there. 

In the press release about the new book, the publishers tell us that Anne wrote various versions of her diaries, as well as short stories, the first part of a novel, poetry and of course there are plenty of letters. Anne‘s ‘Egypt Diary’ is included as well, which consists of pictures from magazines in a kind of scrap book. 
Can’t wait until the English translation is out? Then go to the play next April or check out what Juanita Wagner, Anne Frank’s American pen pal, remembers of her.