BODY WORLDS finds permanent home in Amsterdam

BODY WORLDS finds permanent home in Amsterdam

In case you missed a BODY WORLDS’ exhibition in your home country, you are in luck when you visit Amsterdam. This city will soon be host to a permanent BODY WORLDS museum! Only one other city in the world has been bestowed this honour – New York, which has given the plastinated bodies a permanent residence on Times Square.
In Amsterdam, the prepared bodies will be housed in the former American Express building on Damrak, the central square 300 yards in front of the Central Station. The new museum will house a large collection which will emphasize life and love in all its facets, according to Peter Tabernal, the director of Tours and Tickets, which will run the museum. 

More than 34 million people the world over have already seen some of the numerous corpses plastinated by Gunther von Hagens. The German anatomist has developed a unique chemical procedure to preserve body tissue perfectly, which renders meticulously detailed anatomic models. It might make you wonder how this man manages to eat a meal at all at the end of a day’s work, but he’s obviously not of a queasy predisposition because his art keeps flowing.  

When you see the works on display, you instinctively get what Michelangelo was so fascinated by too. “It’s not so much the exterior of the body that’s interesting, but underneath so much more is happening. The structures, muscles and nerves… these anatomic details give me the opportunity to enter my own artistic world,” commented Dutch artist Hinke Bruinsma, during the 2012 exposition of BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart which took place in the Amsterdam Expo, which now houses the Titanic.  

If you feel like being on show yourself in case you get run over by one of Amsterdam’s notorious trams, you can register to become a donor at Von Hagens’ Institute of Plastination, which already has a worldwide database of 13,000 donors, among which 60 Dutch people. You get a 25 per cent discount if you sign up. I know that can hardly be a good reason, but signing up itself might be a healthy incentive to take your Pilatus classes seriously.   

BODY WORLDS offers visitors the chance to gain new insights every time. Not only does the organisation raise awareness for body parts donorsa  but it also has shown the physical evidence of the damage smoking can do, showing a plastination of smokers’ lungs and comparing that to non-smokers’ lungs. 

“I am very satisfied that we have found this perfect location for the permanent BODY WORLDS exposition in the city. It offers us the chance to provide visitors with more insights,” said Tabernal in a press release announcing the new museum. “The public leaves the exposition with more respect for their own bodies and becomes aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.”

The address of the museum is 66 Damrak, which is slap bang in the middle of Amsterdam’s heart  and close to both the shops, other museums and the jewellery district behind the Rokin. Amsterdam Apartments has a good few rentals in the centre which will enable you to stroll over to the museum without having to rely on public transport.