Foam Fotografiemuseum – Heaven for photography enthusiasts

Foam Fotografiemuseum – Heaven for photography enthusiasts

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A brief guide to Amsterdam's Foam Fotografiemuseum, which presents photography enthusiasts with the chance to browse fabulous exhibitions from world-loved artists and new talent. 

Photography buffs far and wide flock to Amsterdam to visit the Foam Fotografiemuseum, which is home to stunning exhibitions covering a range of genres.

As well as featuring the work of emerging talent, Foam is known for showcasing the best pieces by some of the world's greatest photographers in a gorgeous, canalside location in the heart of the city.

Indeed, big names such as Diane Arbus, Anton Corbijn, Alex Prager and Helen Levitt have had their art displayed, but the museum's exhibition programme is also committed to nurturing new artists.

Anyone with a passion for the art is welcome at Foam, where up to four exhibitions at a time will be running in the galleries – Tuinzalen, Fodorzalen, Voorzalen and Lichtof.

It truly is a joy walking around the space, as some of the displays overlook its beautiful gardens, while others are set in rooms with grand marble fireplaces and ceiling decoration.

Visitors renting nearby Amsterdam apartments also have the opportunity to explore the museum's ever-growing library, which is located on the third floor and contains thousands of photography books on a variety of genres, including art and fashion, but mainly relating to exhibits that have been held in Foam itself.

When you fancy resting your legs there's a charming little cafe, where you can pop in to grab a sandwich or have a hot beverage. A surprisingly vast range of cuisines are catered to, with the eatery serving up Greek and Japanese dishes as well as homemade apple pie.

There's also a reading table, so if you spy a title you think you'll like at the museum bookshop, then you can relax with a novel and a coffee and get lost in the cosy Foam atmosphere.

Why not attend one of the museum's engaging workshops? The Familieworkshop is great if you've got kids with you, while groups of adults can also take part in tours and portrait photography classes.

Meta description – Explore some of the best photographic works in history at Foam Fotografiemuseum and relax with a coffee at the cosy cafe.