Foodies flock to the Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens

Foodies flock to the Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens

People who visit Amsterdam in the Spring are very likely to have a number of close encounters with food events. One really popular foodie festival is the Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens, which is held from May 24, 2017 – May 28, 2017.

A cacophony of colours, smells, music will greet you when you turn up for this event, where all the food you buy is cooked on wheels, needless to say. If the weather is fine, the dozens of mobile kitchens will cater to droves of people, so be prepared for crowds when the sun’s out.

There will be dishes for every conceivable taste, whether you like Belgian waffles, or are more into Asian noodles, fajitas, curries, or seafood. Or you can hunt around for that obscure African dish you once tasted in South London, and chances are you’ll find it.

It will also be a great chance to mingle with the locals, as Amsterdammers love food in a party context and will be out in their millions, especially because this has become an annually recurring event, where the beer flows freely.

What’s important from a practical point of view, is that you bring some picnic gear if you can. Even if it is only a blanket to camp out on, because when you have finally obtained your favorite meal, you might have trouble gobbling it up standing, when all the tables, chairs, benches, tree trunks and those dry patches on the grass, are taken up by fellow diners. The trouble with kitchens of the rolling kind is that they tend not to come with umpteen sets of seats and tables.

So just take a blanket with you or be sure to get some foldaway seats if you plan on taking eating food seriously during this event. There is no reason why you shouldn’t taste a lot of dishes because they are very reasonably priced, so I am told. Also, there’s no entry fee, so you can return time and again to eat your heart out or find new food in this magnificent open air restaurant.

The Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens takes place at the Westergasfabriek, the clubbing and cultural centre, which always has some neat art show or other on during the day and hosts many musical events at night time, so maybe you will end up combining the food from the Rolling Kitchens with cultural pleasure.

On another practical note: last year, the phone networks fell flat during one day of the event, something that is unlikely to happen a second time, but which gives you an indication of the scale of the crowds, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you are able to meet your friends at a landmark point you all know.

All the campervans, lorries, caravans, train compartments, coaches and other contraptions dubbing as kitchens open for business at 1 pm and close at 11 pm every day.

You can make your way to the Westergasfabriek from the Centraal Station in Amsterdam by foot, which is a good 20 minutes’ walk, or by tram, number 10, which stops just outside the venue.