January 31st Grauzone festival features all things new wave

January 31st Grauzone festival features all things new wave

New wave music is cool, not only during its heyday.  I am only old enough (just about) to say this with some authority. Other people are way more qualified to really judge on this matter. Especially those who -unlike me- remember that 80s new wave groups like Siouxsie and the Banshees once shared venues with The Sex Pistols.

All efforts are made to breathe new life into the new wave genre, with interesting results. Grauzone is such an effort. This multidisciplinary new wave festival returns to the The Paard Van Troje on February 11th (2017), having experienced success during its inaugural edition in 2013.

The festival will take over the entire The Paard Van Troje, organisers say. Apart from the best in new wave music, there will be art on display as well as cinema shows, all of which link the heyday of the 1980s new wave movement with modern day insights. That’s going to be tremendous fun, because new wave already was rather versatile and has only more to offer if you take the musical range from everything covering synth pop to electro and cold/darkwave to post-punk, death/goth rock. Electro pop made stick-your-neck-out creative is music we all really need these days. A close friend of mine would refer to such cravings as ‘case-in-point-evolving’ and guess what, they probably have a heck of a lot to do with missing links. Music that keeps on searching is the best, even if you have a lot of history to evolve on from. Punk alone deserves a post punk era of its own.

So make your way to this festival in case you are taking a break in Amsterdam.

Apart from the music, there’s Graukunst (the Dutch ‘kunst’ translates as ‘art’, so it’s ‘Grau-art’) on show at the festival, featuring works by Alan Vega, who is all over the web with the photographed quote “I am showing some of my sculptures in Holland in the Spring, so we’ll see” – the allure that ‘Holland’ has for this man is evident. You wouldn’t get that -crazy- notion if he had said he was showing some of his sculptures in England. Or Norway. Or the United Arab Emirates. ‘Holland’ is a mesmerising place to many Americans. There are also art works by Richard Kern, the American underground filmmaker and photographer who made films about 1980s underground personalities including Lydia Lunch, David Wojnarowicz,Sonic Youth, Kembra Pfahler, Karen Finley and Henry Rollins.
Head to the Grauzone website http://www.grauzonefestival.com/  for tickets (€39) and more information.