Hop-on-hop-off tickets and their advantages

Hop-on-hop-off tickets and their advantages

Before you set out on your trip to Amsterdam, you are likely to plan your stay. One strategic way to do this successfully is to decide on how you are going to get around. Of course, the old city centre is easily within walking distance of most of the apartments for rent by Amsterdam Apartments, but after a few hours you might tire of going everywhere on foot. 

In that case, it’s advisable to organise your means of transportation. You get value for money when you opt for touristy things like a 24-hour or 48-hour hop-on-hop-off bus ticket or a similar deal with one of the boating companies that cruise you to the most important museums and landmarks via the canals. 

The great advantage of such tickets is that they are often linked to discounts on  entrance tickets to museums or events. You can get up to 50 per cent off the entrance fees to some museums when you show your bus or boat ticket. Other tickets might offer you fast track access to events or museums. So it might be a clever way to get a few of the most practical issues dealt with when you think ahead and plan a little bit. 

There are quite a few hop-on-hop-off busses to choose from and even more cruise companies, so make sure you get the best deal suited to your plans. Amsterdam has much to offer, so wasting time on the underground or the regular bus network is absolutely something you should avoid. The bus/boat tour companies are easy to use and take you to all the prime locations, museums and the unique canal belt without any hassle. You will have plenty of opportunities to take the best pictures and get a nice overview of what’s on offer. That way, you can decide even on the bus or the cruise line which museums or landmarks you will actually dedicate time to.  

Tour bus and cruise routes tend to be extremely carefully planned, ensuring that you as a tourist won’t miss out on anything. When you reach a destination, you can either hop on the bus/boat again or join your chosen means of transportation elsewhere.