New Year’s Eve parties in Amsterdam

New Year’s Eve parties in Amsterdam

From fireworks to all the less than primitive parties.

This past year has been very special for the city of Amsterdam, with the celebration of enormous events like the opening of the Rijksmuseum after a decade of restoration work, the celebration of 400 years of Canal Ring and the re-opening of the Van Gogh museum. So as this year comes to an end, there’s lots of excitement to look back on and this translates in the New Years’ Year’s Eve parties. 

My advice for a great New Year’s Eve is to head out to a party. There are so many to choose from that it’s likely there will be an event to cater to literally anyone’s taste. 

I am going to be practical and simply list the most important events:
-The Melkweg is one of Amsterdam’s most celebrated party scenes. It hosts ENCORE and promises this is the best hip hop and R&B you will hear in the city. Starts at 22:00 tickets are €30-€35.
-Paradiso is another main party venue and hosts a Vegas style NY celebration, with F*cking Pop Queers doing a show called Fabulous Extra Large Las Vegas NYE!   Starts at 21:00. Tickets: €34/€39/€50. Dresscode info on the Paradiso website
-The official celebration by the city of Amsterdam is a New Year’s Eve Singalong before midnight, held in front of the VOC-ship in the Oosterdokskade. Starts at 23:00, free entrance so just turn up. Great for kids.
 -Ziggo Dome hosts the Freaqshow, organised by Q-dance. This is tipped to be the most bizarre New Year’s rave in Amsterdam, with live shows and hard-style music. Starts at 20:00, tickets range from €60 to €77.50.
Charleston with a Twist New Year’s Eve calls on all Charlie Chaplins, Marlene Dietrichs, Marilyn Monroes, gangsters and divas to start the New Year in 1920s style. Jazzy entertainment, live. Head to the KHL Cafe to participate. Starts at 21:00, tickets cost €33. 
-Techno freak? Then Awakenings is for you. It’s a long established party, held at the Gashouder in Westergasfabriek. Features international DJ’s. Starts at 20:00, tickets are €47.50. 
-Can’t get an Awakenings ticket anymore? TIKTAK nightclub is a great alternative. Lots of hip-hop, house, trap, electro, moombathon. At Heineken Music Hall. Starts at  21:30 tickets: €56.50. 

Finally, a word of warning about fireworks. Whereas displays of fireworks in the United Kingdom, Australia and the US tend to be largely orchestrated events, this is not the case in the Netherlands. Dutch people tend to get involved at a personal level in setting off fireworks during New Year’s Eve. Families buy packs of fireworks before the year is out and will set them off privately. There’s little groups of people, either families or friends, stood in front of their house, around the most curious of projectile launchers – empty milk bottles, plant pots, glass vases and the likes. Everybody gets involved in setting off a firework or two. It’s a national sport, which is tremendous fun but has its hazards too. The best advice I can give you is to make sure to have a pair of (sun)glasses with you when you venture into narrow streets at the height of the fireworks (from midnight until about 01:00).