Ready for a musical epiphany? Get thee to Bourbon Street Blues Club

Ready for a musical epiphany? Get thee to Bourbon Street Blues Club

When you want to hit town and enjoy jazz and blues, you could head to the Bourbon Street Blues Club. Kitted out in traditional blues style – you know, those darkwood walls,  authentic flickering lamps and chandeliers, a Victorian era stage – the owners of Bourbon Street have tried their mighty best to emulate the scene of a New Orleans blues club. And succeeded at it too! 

Sting, Jeff Healey and ZZ-top all have performed in this den which is located conveniently in the centre, not far from most Amsterdam Apartment's accommodations, as well as numerous fabulous underground jazz musicians. The Bourbon Street Blues Club is hosting live performances every evening. Styles aside from blues and jazz include feisty funk as well as authentic soul and good ole rock ‘n’ roll. Performances are Dutch mixed with plenty of international acts.

This month various interesting artists are going to make appearances, including the Diaz Brothers, Ruben & the Jets, Jesse and the Muffins, Bashir Bros. The venue’s website describes most of them. To pick out those last guys for instance; they provided the backbone of the tropical flavor of G-cool Deniro (who performed in Bourbon Street a while ago too). Joe Cocker, Candy Dulfer and Fishbone also know them rather well. 

The Bashir Bros perform in the venue on January 17th in what is tipped to be a very diverse show with the emphasis on up tempo tunes ranging from soulful blues to classic rock songs. Guitar- and harrowing harmonica-solos.   

A teeny weeny bit of helpful practical advice: do not show up before 11pm unless you want a really quiet evening, because the place only livens up after midnight, when Bourbon Street is heaving with locals, tourists, couples and businessmen alike. 

‘Don’t expect to get one of those coveted seats. But, with groovy bands playing and the excellent local brew flowing, you will probably be on your feet, strutting your stuff away,” prospective visitors are told via the venue’s website

So, armed with this knowledge you will not be surprised when the crowds who ventured out here start dancing wilder as the night expires, with beats reaching fever pitch. It’s at that point that you will observe previously unseen dance moves as people get real groovy. So wait up and then you will join the many, many people who have experienced one of their greatest musical experiences in live music in this place, losing it in the proverbial booze and blues.