Top spots to propose in Amsterdam

Top spots to propose in Amsterdam

People visiting Amsterdam for a romantic getaway couldn’t have chosen a better place. 
The city offers plenty of romantic spots that seem to be purposefully designed to sweep that special loved one off their feet. Whether you are planning to propose, or merely want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam, or hope that the upcoming Christmas festivities will make your date finally fall victim to your romantic overtures, you won’t be faced with a lack of appropriate settings, that’s for sure. 

These are a few of the very best. 

People who say boat trips are overrated tend to regret their verdict once they’ve truly fallen in love. Taking a boat ride around the canals of Amsterdam after sunset is utterly romantic and can be highly intimate, provided you do not book a boat with more than twenty seats max. You can opt for dinner, in which case St Nics is near enough perfect, or just go for wine and cheese with one of the other boating companies, which I believe is very good value for money too. 

Door 74 is a cocktail bar which is very special. It’s hidden behind a door that might not be too impressive, but the inside of this speakeasy-style bar is top notch, and the fact that you have to book seats to get in at all, speaks for itself. Start off your evening with drinks at Door 74 and you’ll find that the rest of the evening couldn’t go any smoother. 

Just wandering around Amsterdam canals is already rather romantic, and if the weather permits, you can walk through the floating flower market and buy your partner some flowers.  

Cinema-wise the Tushinski movie theatre (zaal 1 especially) and The Movies in Haarlemmerdijk are top of the bill. You can even book a love seat and get nibbles and wine in Tushinski’s. 

Buy that diamond ring! Amsterdam is one of the leading diamond polishing hubs in the world. Make your way to Coster Diamonds or Gassan and you’ll be able to purchase some of the best freshly cut diamonds. They come at a price, but then, love is priceless, so what the heck… 

For romantic lunches look no further than Blue Cafe. You will enjoy spectacular views over the city’s roof tops. Make sure you only turn up for a late lunch because this place is heaving every lunch time. Just phone the owners and arrange a lunch after 2.30 and squeeze in a free concert beforehand (only on Tuesdays), at the Concertgebouw or one of the many churches which organise these events. If that’s all too much to organise, just listen to Boudewijn Zwart, Amsterdam’s bell player, who can sound off some pretty romantic tunes. 

In case you want to take it easy and only go for coffee, there’s no more romantic coffee place is De Waag cafe, near the square of the same name. You will enjoy coffees over candles. 

In case you’re a girl and want to surprise your man with that ‘I am not going to hint’ romantic gesture, light up his ass with the best steak in the whole city in a run down but oh so romantic neighborhood caf. Some men need to be reminded of their stomachs and whoops – they’ll get straight to business… If you’re involved with the unromantic type, Café Loetje in Oud Zuid will do just fine. There’s no trace of contrived romanticism in this establishment; the paint is peeling purely because the owner’s not got round to decorating because he’s been too busy frying the juiciest steaks for the past decade or so. Drag your guy here under the pretense of having a couple of drinks in the bar area of the cafe before feeding him the food that’s just what his mum cooked… Offer to pay, but do not object if he grabs the wallet. Repeat in your home town a couple of times and you’ll hear those wedding bells before you know