World Christmas Circus hits town

World Christmas Circus hits town

Classiest circus in the world opens its doors.

Taking the kids to a circus over the Christmas season is going to be a guaranteed success. Many people in Amsterdam have gone before you and that is only part of the reason why the World Christmas Circus has a long established reputation in this town. This circus, held from December 19th until January 5th at the Royal Theatre Carré, is meant to be the circus world’s most celebrated of performances because only the very best of circus artists in the world participate in what are classical circus acts combined with modern ones.
This year’s show features Bello Nock, who according to Time Magazine is America’s ‘best and hardest-working clown’. The organisers at Carré promise that the rest of the line up is going to be no less than Nock calibre. Only winning acts from the renowned Circus Festivals in Monte Carlo, Paris, Peking and Moscow will perform this year in what will be a magical show.  “Furthermore there will be lots of spectacular acts including acrobats on unicycles and daredevils flying through the theatre”.
The World Christmas Circus can’t afford not to deliver on its promise because it has been a festive tradition in Amsterdam for almost 30 years. What’s more, the Carré theatre itself has a deep connection with the circus scene, having first opened its doors in 1887 as the greatest circus palace Europe was to ever see. 

“Now, over 125 years later, Royal Theatre Carré is still most famous for the annual World Christmas Circus,” according to the organisers. Be sure to book tickets to visit this show for a performance full of breathtaking moments. Last year, the circus attracted a record 58,000 visitors in just over two weeks, and with this year’s much-hyped programme, another record might be achieved just as easily.  

In case you can’t get tickets for this classy circus show or you are more musically inclined, you can go to the less expensive Winter Circus Amsterdam near the Heineken Music Hall. This circus pitches its tents from December 21st  until January 5th and provides a traditional circus experience that is renowned for being family friendly. Artists from around the world doing what circus artists do; acrobatics, air trapeze, classic tricks with horses, clownery and all is narrated together with enthralling music.  

Both circuses are in central Amsterdam and if you are staying in an apartment from Amsterdam Apartments you will be relatively close to either venue.